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Recipe: Chocolate-Hazelnut Babka

Discover our delicious chocolate-hazelnut babka recipe!
Recette : Babka choco-noisettes

📝 Ingredients for 4 babkas:⁣⁠
200g flour⁣⁠
200g of skyr 0%⁣⁠
15g agave syrup⁣⁠
1 tsp liquid vanilla⁣⁠
1 packet of baking powder⁣⁠
50g Nutrimuscle⁣⁠ spread
Milk for gilding⁣⁠
🥄 Preparation:⁣⁠
1- Mix the flour, baking powder, skyr, agave syrup and vanilla. Knead⁣⁠
until a homogeneous paste is formed.⁣⁠
2- Form a ball and divide the dough into 4 on a floured work surface.⁣⁠
3- Using a rolling pin, roll out the 4 pieces of dough, forming a⁣⁠
4- Spread the spread on it and roll the dough lengthwise⁣⁠
to form a sausage.⁣⁠
5- Cut the sausage in half lengthwise and braid the two⁣⁠
pieces of dough.⁣⁠
6- Stretch the braid well and wrap it around itself to form a⁣⁠
7- Brush the babkas with milk and bake for 18min at 180°C.⁣⁠
📊 Nutritional values:⁣⁠
280 kcal / babka⁣⁠
Fat: 11g⁣⁠
Carbohydrates: 47g⁣⁠
Protein: 15g⁣⁠
🥄📷 Recipe and photo by @squats_et_aromates ⁣⁠