In running, recovery is an essential step in your progress. Any runner, beginner or experienced, should consider it one of the pillars of his training.

The runner who neglects recovery not only loses the benefits of his training, but he also exposes himself to a greater risk of injury. No progress possible in this case. Here is a supplement program adapted to maintain your performance and progress in running.

The fundamental supplements

Multivitamins: in endurance athletes, taking a multivitamin complex daily helps protect immune cells against free radicals generated during prolonged exercise such as running (1).

Multiminerals: Running causes a loss of minerals due to increased sweating. Taking a daily multimineral helps compensate for this loss and reduce inflammation and muscle damage linked to running, particularly thanks to zinc and selenium (2).

Omega 3: Omega 3s are important supplements for runners. Daily intake helps lower heart rate and blood pressure and improves the fluidity of blood circulation (3). Omega 3 helps reduce aches and improve recovery (4.5).

Collagen Type 1: the muscular effort involved in running intensifies the breakdown of collagen in joints and tendons. Regular collagen supplementation helps to better lubricate the tendons (6) and provides better protection against running-related injuries (acute aches, tendon pain, knee problems).

Potassium bicarbonate: the runner generally sees his performance decrease because of lactic acid. Bicarbonate helps neutralize the latter while increasing lactate production. This has positive effects on endurance because muscle fatigue will be reduced thanks to pH stabilization (7).

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supplements for training

BCAA 4.1.1

Intense training like running causes amino acid losses. Taking BCAAs helps limit these losses during running while stimulating muscle protein synthesis. In fact, taking at least 5 g of BCAA before training reduces the level of muscle aches and accelerates their disappearance (8) which contributes to better recovery.

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Cluster Dextrin

We recommend taking cluster dextrin around running training. Taking it before or during the race allows for good hydration as well as a good carbohydrate intake. The dextrin cluster provides energy that can be directly mobilized by the body without weighing on the digestive system (9).

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The runner needs good hydration to perform. Glycerol has 3 main benefits: better hydration, better fluid recovery and improved endurance. Runners prone to dehydration can take glycerol to be better hydrated thanks to better water retention of almost 50%. . (10,11,12,13).Glycerol helps reduce digestive disorders thanks to better hydration and thus contributes to better running performance. In addition, glycerol helps provide energy without causing d hypoglycemia, because its conversion into glucose occurs slowly.

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Mix Focus

The focus mix contains green caffeine and citicoline. the first is a stimulating booster, while the second is a non-stimulating booster. These two active ingredients provide complementary benefits in tandem on performance and level of attention. The last active ingredient in the focus mix is ​​astaxantin. It is a very powerful antioxidant which improves muscular endurance by stimulating lipid metabolism which leads to an increase in aerobic performance (14). The mix focus allows the runner to feel less effort thanks to the caffeine (15). On the other hand, the citicoline in the focus mix helps maintain muscle strength over time. Indeed, citicoline is a precursor to acetylcholine, a very important neurotransmitter for the muscles and the brain because it controls the force of contraction. Running depletes acetylcholine reserves, causing muscles to gradually lose their strength.

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Intense running training has negative effects on the nervous system. It is during sleep that the latter is regenerated, but the quality of sleep of athletes is generally altered because of the nervous tension caused by training. One way to counteract this phenomenon is to adopt zinc and zinc supplements. magnesium. These minerals combined together in the form of pidolates provide relaxing effects promoting better sleep and better muscle and nervous relaxation (16). ZMB is a supplement combining magnesium and zinc pidolates and vitamin B6 specially designed to improve nerve and neuronal recovery.

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