Nutrimuscle, a company committed since 1993

Born from a desire to offer athletes food supplements of impeccable quality, Nutrimuscle has been committed for almost 30 years to carefully selecting very high quality raw materials from hand-picked partners and to preserving their purity.

In November 2020, Nutrimuscle wrote a new page in its history by officially adopting the status of “Mission Company”.

Nutrimuscle maintains its pioneering spirit by becoming the 1st “Mission Company” brand of food supplements.

For the Nutrimuscle team: “this represents a strong act which reflects our committed vision and our desire to make the company's societal mission a central element of our activity. »

“In continuity with what we have put in place to make quality food supplements accessible, we want to act now for future generations.

Our mission: to act sustainably for the health, well-being and sporting performance of as many people as possible. »
As part of its activity, Nutrimuscle's mission is to pursue the following social and environmental objectives:

1) Offer healthy products and innovative formulations and guarantee traceability and transparency. To achieve this, Nutrimuscle is committed to expanding its range of certified organic products (+40% of certified organic products in 2 years);

2) Preserve the planet's resources in order to contribute to the fight against global warming for the well-being of future generations. Nutrimuscle already offers 100% recyclable plastic pots. We want to go even further in our ecological approach by committing to removing plastic from our packaging within the next few years.

At the same time, Nutrimuscle is in the process of carrying out its carbon footprint to reduce the CO2 emissions induced by its activity;

3) Build an exhilarating common project by being attentive to the well-being, balance and quality of life at work of all employees , within which everyone has the power to exercise a pioneering spirit through their ideas and his vision;

4) Innovate to build a sustainable world, be a responsible actor and be part of a social and solidarity approach.

Nutrimuscle Quality

Our priorities:

  • guarantee the very high quality of the raw materials that make up our supplements
  • preserve your health
  • optimize the results you will obtain when using our food supplements.

To guarantee Nutrimuscle quality, we carefully select our suppliers and have developed a systematic and mandatory verification protocol before marketing each of our supplements.

Numerous analyzes and counter-analyses carried out by external independent laboratories are carried out at each stage of production before submitting the supplement to a test by the consumers themselves who must approve the product before it is placed on the market.

Finally, Nutrimuscle has its own factory and therefore has total control of its production processes.

Nutrimuscle transparency

Everything you need to know can be found on our site!

We hide nothing from you, we tell you everything: our product sheets, our blog articles, our forum, our podcasts are there to guide you through all the stages of your complete transparency!

We are committed to informing you about the origin of our raw materials, their manufacturing processes, their degree of purity, the presence of allergens and the absence of GMOs...for total traceability.

You won't find product sheets as detailed as at Nutrimuscle anywhere else because every detail counts to help you make the right choice.

Nutrimuscle purity

The purity of the formulas and materials we select is an essential criterion for us. Each food supplement offered by Nutrimuscle thus guarantees the use of superior quality ingredients, rich in active ingredients for ever greater effectiveness and safety.

In order to guarantee the purity of all of its food supplements, Nutrimuscle only uses transparent capsules of pharmaceutical quality and without coloring. They do not contain any irradiated substances and contain no preservatives for optimal purity.

Nutrimuscle freshness

Having our own production plant and controlling our distribution allows us to ensure the freshness of our supplements.

In addition, we favor the regular manufacturing of small batches to guarantee maximum freshness on all of our products.

We also control the storage temperature of our omega 3 in our cold room.

What you won't find at Nutrimuscle

At Nutrimuscle, we also tell you what we don't sell and why.

Our priority will always remain the quality and effectiveness of the product for the health of the athlete.
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