The routines of our ambassadors

Our beautiful, diverse team of Nutrimuscle ambassadors trust us for our commitment to the quality and traceability of our products. We support and accompany our talents in their sporting journey, who reveal to you the products of their routine for ever greater performance.
  • Benoit Saint Denis

    MMA fighter in the UFC 🥊, @benoitst_denis or the "God of war" has 11 victories. He is also the first Frenchman to have won a UFC fight in France 🇫🇷.

    CODE - 15%: BENOIT15

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  • Kands coach

    Coach, content creator and captain of the winning team of the 2nd edition of the Nutrimuscle Challenge 🏋🏾, @kands_coach has decided to be supported on a daily basis by Nutrimuscle 💪.

    CODE - 15%: KANDS15

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  • Coronagym

    Between laughter, discipline, stupidity and love, this group of friends never stops wanting to motivate the people who watch them on social networks with the aim of changing the rules and the image of bodybuilding in France. Big goals, for big values. 💪

    CODE - 15%: CORONAGYM15

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  • Shana Coissard

    Passionate about CrossFit and twice vice world champion in 2021 and 2022, on the way to a third title, @shana.cssrd has decided to join the Nutrimuscle team of athletes to support her on a daily basis.💪

    CODE - 15%: SHANA15

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  • Aurélien Lejeune

    After being 10 times powerlifting champion 🏆, @aurelienstrongman was crowned 5 years in a row as the strongest man in France 🏅.

    CODE - 15%: AURELIEN15

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  • Valentin Lavillenie

    @valentinlavillenie is European vice-champion in pole vault and won first place at the French Indoor Championships. 🏆

    CODE - 15%: VALENTIN15

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  • Samantha Eugenie

    Titled double world champion at just 20 years old, @coeurlymonster has established herself during various powerlifting competitions, becoming a reference and an inspiration for many athletes. 🥇

    CODE - 15%: SAMANTHA15

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  • Ornella Nicolosi

    Sports coach and accomplished Crossfitter, @ornella_nicolosi has decided to join the Nutrimuscle athlete team. 💪

    CODE - 15%: ORNELLA15

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  • Brieuc Le Dantec

    Content creator and accomplished calithenist with a very engaged community, @brieucledantec has decided to trust Nutrimuscle to support him in his daily sporting life. 💪

    CODE - 15%: BRIEUC15

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  • Angelic

    Bodybuilding competitor and former Koh Lanta adventurer, @angelique.njoff is a successful entrepreneur. 💪

    CODE - 15%: ANGELIC15

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  • William Briant

    @guillaumebriant is a CrossFit champion, elected best French CrossFitter in 2021 and qualified for the CrossFit Games in 2022. Thanks to his excellence and versatility, he is the very definition of an athlete.🏋️‍♂️

    CODE - 15%: GUILLAUME15

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  • Lya Bavoil

    After breaking world records 🏅, she was crowned No. 1 at the Women's Powerlift Worlds. 🏋🏻 Today, our athlete @lya_powerlift is preparing to win an upcoming title.

    CODE -15%: LYA15

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  • Aiki

    Coming from the world of martial arts 🥋, passionate about bodybuilding and sports educator, Tony aka @aiki_sharefitness is known on the web for his product tests and his podcasts.

    CODE - 15%: AIKI15

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  • Romain Felonneau

    CrossFit champion, @romainfellonneau is a reference in his field.🏋️‍♂️

    CODE - 15%: ROMAIN15

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  • Saex

    Content creator and figure of the new French fitness scene, @saexfelstar the “King of fel” has decided to trust Nutrimuscle to support him in his daily sporting life. 💯

    CODE - 15%: SAEX15

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  • Christophe Besnard

    Former world judo champion, participant in the 2017 CrossFit Games, and big winner of the 2nd edition of the Nutrimuscle Challenge 🏋🏾, @besnardchristophe chose Nutrimuscle for his supplementation 💪.

    CODE - 15%: CHRISTOPHE15

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  • Flomarrec

    Crowned world champion in calisthenics, “Endurance legend” in 2019 🏆, @flomarrec decided to join the Nutrimuscle athletic team to support him in his daily life. 💪

    CODE - 15%: FLOMARREC15

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  • Valentina

    Valentina, coach and fitness influencer, embodies the passion for a sporty and balanced life. With an impressive community of 197,000 followers on TikTok, she guides and inspires her followers to achieve their fitness goals. 🥣

    CODE - 15%: VALENTINA15

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  • Serhat More

    @serhat_more is a bodybuilding practitioner who has achieved an incredible physical transformation. He joined the Nutrimuscle athletic team to continue his progress. 🏋️‍♂️

    CODE - 15%: SERHAT15

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  • Rico

    Je suis Richmond Baiden, 22 ans, powerlifter passionné depuis 7 ans et fier membre de l'équipe de France. Mon parcours, marqué par deux titres de champion d'Europe et cinq titres de champion de France, a débuté en 2016.

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  • Rydja

    Ainsi, j'ai organisé ma vie autour de ma passion et j'ai cherché à optimiser mon alimentation pour ce faire, je me suis mis à consommer des compléments alimentaires.
    Jusqu'à mes 17 ans, je n'avais aucun objectif dans la vie, en découlait une mauvaise forme à la fois physique et mentale puis une personne que j'estime beaucoup m'a fait découvrir la musculation.

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  • Denis Gallois

    Le jour où j’ai commencé la musculation, j’ai su que cela ne me quittera plus jamais. Et ça n’a pas manqué, quasiment 12 ans plus tard ma passion n’a fait que grandir, ce qui m’a emmené à vouloir la partager sur les réseaux. Aujourd’hui je suis un créateur de contenu mais pas uniquement, je créer également des machines de musculation et plus récemment ma propre salle de sport !

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