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Collagen Peptide Peptan® 1 in powder


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  • Collagen peptide
  • Naturally present in the body
  • Product in France
  • Collagen patented by Rousselot, Peptan®
  • Preservation of skin youth
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Focus on the product

Focus on the product

It is preferable to take collagen Peptan® 1 Nutrimuscle twice a day (morning and evening). You can take your Peptan® 1 Nutrimuscle collagen with vitamin C to improve its metabolism (1).

pregnant and lactating women are invited to take the attachment of a healthcare professional before any supplementation. Not recommended for children and adolescents.

All studies

Take 10 g per day, diluted in 1 glass of water (200ml).

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Sans lactose Sans gluten Sans caséine Kéto Sans biotiques

Type 1 collagen is a protein found naturally in the body in the skin, tendons and ligaments. It has a role of structure and elasticity.

It is a pure hydrolysat containing more than 90 % protein, from collagen from the beef skin.
Our collagen is A patented Peptan® hydrolysat in the form of peptides of 2000 Dalton. Our collagen does not contain any additives.

The daltons are a unit of molecular weight measurement, the better it is the better the absoprotion.

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  • Take 10 g per day, diluted in 1 glass of water (200ml).

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Good to know

Vitamin C contributes to the metabolism of collagen (1)!


All about the Peptide Peptan® 1 collagen

Interaction with other Nutrimuscle products

  • We advise you to associate the Peptide Peptide Peptan® 1 Nutrimuscle collagen with vitamin C, chondroitine sulfate, n-acetylglucosamine, amino acids of collagen 4.4.1., glycine, the Peptan® marine collagen 1 & nbsp; and Peptide II collagen (Colartix®).

    It is preferable to consult a health professional before the concomitant use of several food supplements.

  • Collagen Peptan® 1 Nutrimuscle is not to be taken at the same time as potassium bicarbonate to avoid bloating.


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  • It is rare to know the names of the suppliers of the raw materials of the supplements that we consume. However, it is essential in order to ensure the traceability of the product.

    at Nutrimuscle, we only use high -end collagen peptides whose quality is guaranteed by the world leader in terms of Gelatin and collagen hydrolyzes: the Dutch group Rousselot © Certified HACCP and ISO9001. It has specialized in this branch since 1891.

    Since 2019 the 3 types of Nutrimuscle collagen (Type I Peptan® and Type II Colartix® Bovin, as well as the type 1 Peptan® Certified MSC Fishing) are produced On the new brand new French site in Angoulême!

    Indeed, what matters primarily to us is the quality of the raw materials & the results that you will get using our supplements. Type 1 Peptan® 5000 Daltons marine collagen is a patented. It is therefore not a copy, a credits or a counterfeit synthesized by strangers.

Who is the product for?

  • To sportsmen for the maintenance and the increase in their muscle mass.

    to people wishing to improve the beauty of their skin by better elasticity.

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