To obtain good physical and lasting results, the fitness sessions must be composed of varied exercises of the cardio type as well as weight training involving several parts of the body (glutes, abdominals, legs, arms, torso, etc.). Fitness is a beneficial activity for health, but beware, it still puts the muscles, joints, nervous and cardiovascular systems to the test! A bad recovery after your fitness session will slow you down in your progress or even worse lead to injuries! Discover our supplementation program to improve your recovery, to maintain your performance and to push your limits!

The fundamental supplements

Multivitamins: Taking a multivitamin supplement every day helps guard against deficiencies and protect immune cells against attacks from free radicals which proliferate during physical exertion.

As part of regular fitness practice, vitamins are essential to promote good muscle recovery following training. In addition, a good vitamin intake limits the appearance of nocturnal cramps (1-2).

Multiminerals: the sweating experienced during fitness training (cardio or weight training) causes you to lose minerals. In this context, taking a multimineral daily helps avoid deficiencies and limit inflammation and muscle damage, in particular thanks to zinc and selenium (3).

Omega 3: fitness is an activity beneficial for general health but puts a strain on the cardiovascular system. Taking omega 3 daily makes blood circulation smoother and helps lower blood pressure (4). They also help reduce the harmful effects of muscle aches and improve recovery (5,6).

BCAA 4.1.1: Intense fitness workouts cause amino acid losses. In this context, BCAA supplementation promotes muscle recovery (thanks to better protein synthesis). With a minimum dose of 5 g of BCAA taken pre-training, the level of aches and pains decreases and they fade more quickly (7).

Collagen Type 1: supplementing with collagen is very important for those who do a series of fitness sessions. Indeed, collagen allows better lubrication of the tendons (8) and better prevention of injuries linked to intense and frequent efforts (acute aches, tendon pain, knee problems).

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An intense fitness session may disrupt sleep due to the nervous tension caused by the workout. In this context, we recommend supplementing with zinc and magnesium. Indeed, these minerals in the form of pidolates jointly provide relaxing effects. This allows the athlete to have better muscular and nervous relaxation (9). ZMP is a supplement combining magnesium and zinc pidolates to improve nerve and neuronal recovery.

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Diet Protein Blend

Diet Blend is a mixture specially designed to optimize leanness in the context of a sporting activity such as fitness. This contains a high and truly effective dosage of L-Carnitine in order to maximize fat oxidation during the session but also after. The Taurine and Glutamine in the blend reinforce the effectiveness of the Carnitine. Enriched with fiber, Diet Blend provides energy while acting as an appetite suppressant.

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Natural Bio Booster

This mixture of organic green tea and organic guarana has a slimming action thanks to the increase in energy expenditure, the moderation of the appetite and by accelerating the destruction of fats. It is a natural and effective fat burner which reinforces the effects of fitness sessions on the figure (10,11).

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With its richness in fiber (8.6g/100g), minerals and antioxidants, (12,13) ​​organic sweet potato powder constitutes a source of carbohydrates with a low glycemic index (around 46 to 60 depending on the preparation). These fibers slow the absorption of carbohydrates, which reduces the rise in insulin. This makes it the ideal fitness food. In addition, sweet potato is part of the category of the most basifying plants alongside avocados, squash, arugula, lamb's lettuce or even spinach leaves among common foods. This basifying action is explained by the richness in potassium contained in organic sweet potato powder of 337 mg per 100 g and counteracts the excess sodium.

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Rhodiola is an adaptogenic plant particularly recommended for endurance and fitness sports. In fact, taken 1 hour before exercise, it significantly increases endurance. Thanks to its anti-inflammatory action, Rhodiola also helps reduce recovery time after long training sessions (14). Rhodiola Rosea is also rich in anti-oxidants, which helps protect the athlete's muscle cells and reduce inflammation. linked to the practice of intense fitness sessions (15).

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