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All about Whey Isolate

What is whey isolate, and what makes it different from other wheys? Nutrimuscle explains everything there is to know about whey isolate.
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Tout savoir sur la Whey Isolate

Difficult to navigate among all the proteins when you start bodybuilding. Very often, the first dietary supplement used by athletes is whey. What is whey isolate, and what makes it different from other wheys? Nutrimuscle explains everything there is to know about whey isolate.

Contents :

  • What is whey isolate?
  • The benefits of whey isolate for muscle mass gain
  • The ingredients that make up whey isolate
  • How to use whey isolate for muscle building
  • The different types of whey isolate
  • Lactose intolerance and whey isolate

What is whey isolate?

Whey isolate is whey protein. It is extracted from whey and contains a large amount of essential amino acids for the body. It is the dietary supplement most used by bodybuilders because it increases daily protein intake and contributes to muscle growth.

There are several types of whey: native whey isolate, concentrated whey isolate and hydrolyzed whey isolate. Their difference lies in their filtration: the more whey is filtered, the higher its protein concentration.

The benefits of whey isolate for muscle mass gain

Whey isolate is beneficial for muscle mass gain for several reasons.

First of all, it is quickly assimilated by the body, which allows the muscles to quickly benefit from the nutrients it contains.

Additionally, whey isolate is rich in amino acids, especially the essential amino acids that are necessary for the growth and maintenance of muscle mass.

Finally, whey isolate is low in fat and lactose, making it an easily digestible source of protein for people with lactose intolerance.

In combination with a balanced diet and regular training, whey isolate stimulates muscle growth and improves performance by nourishing the muscles. In the context of weight loss, whey allows a satiety effect which limits snacking.

The ingredients that make up whey isolate

Nutrimuscle whey isolate contains over 95% protein. The raw material is mixed in our factories with natural flavors, sucralose and prebiotics, so as to make milk proteins more digestible and palatable. This mixture is made cold, so as not to denature the proteins and to preserve their aminogram. No fat is added.

Some manufacturers use degraded raw materials or add soy lecithin to lower their prices. Always check the composition of the products and their traceability.

How to use whey isolate for muscle building

Whey isolate can be consumed before or after training to help provide the amino acids needed for muscle growth. It can also be eaten between meals to increase protein intake. The recommended dose varies by goal and body weight, so it's important to follow the manufacturer's instructions for how much whey isolate to take and how often.

In general, the recommended amount for a serving of whey isolate is around 20 to 30 grams, mixed with water or milk. It is important to note that whey isolate should not replace a healthy and balanced diet, but should be used in addition to an adequate diet and a regular exercise program.

The different types of whey isolate

There are three common types of whey isolate:

  • Native whey: it contains around 70-80% protein and higher levels of fat and lactose than other forms of whey isolate. It is ideal for mass gain goals.
  • Hydrolyzed whey isolate: it undergoes a pre-digestion process which makes it more easily absorbed by the body. It contains 90% protein, on average. It is the most assimilable and fastest form of whey isolate: it gives a boost effect during the session.
  • Native whey isolate: it is produced by cold filtration and does not contain fat or other added ingredients. It is considered the purest and most natural form of whey isolate. On average, it contains 95% fast-absorbing protein. However, it is more expensive than other forms of whey isolate.

Lactose intolerance and whey isolate

Lactose intolerance is a condition that occurs when the body does not produce enough enzymes to break down lactose, a sugar found in milk and dairy products. People with lactose intolerance may experience symptoms such as bloating, abdominal pain, and diarrhea when consuming dairy products.

However, whey isolate contains very little lactose due to its filtration process. This means that people with lactose intolerance can usually consume whey isolate without experiencing intolerance symptoms.

Some whey isolates are lactase-reinforced to facilitate lactose digestion, such as Nutrimuscle Native Whey Isolate. In this way, people who are lactose intolerant can also benefit from the benefits of this product.

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