The burner (or “fat burner”) is a supplement that stimulates metabolism, reduces appetite and facilitates weight loss. The benefits of fat burners are intended to help with weight loss.
There are two types of active ingredients in burners: thermogenic molecules and lipotropic molecules. A suitable, protein-rich diet should always support burner supplementation. A good protein intake speeds up metabolism and reduces appetite.
Burners may contain other ingredients that promote weight loss, such as L-carnitine. This amino acid helps the body burn fat during exercise.
Fat burning products boost energy and performance if taken before a workout. Taken during the day stimulates metabolism and reduces appetite.
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  • Fat burner

    Fat burner


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    Fat burner / Slimming

  • Carnitine Carnipure® in capsules

    Carnitine Carnipure® in capsules


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  • Diet Protein Blend

    Diet Protein Blend

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  • Natural Bio Burner

    Natural Bio Burner


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    Biological Green Tea


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  • Carnitine Carnipure® powder

    Carnitine Carnipure® powder

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    MCT organic powder


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Everything you need to know about burners

The best food supplements for weight loss

  • These supplements increase body temperature and boost metabolism, leading to rapid weight loss. By stimulating metabolism, the body burns a greater quantity of fat and/or uses it to be transformed into energy: Green tea: Rich in catechins, these molecules contribute to the thermogenic and anti-fat action. Green tea reduces insulin and stimulates the elimination of lipids and sugars. It acts directly on cells by preventing their growth. In this way it promotes weight loss. Green tea is particularly rich in epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) (21). This anti-oxidant explains the slimming effects of green tea, in addition to its many health benefits. Yerba Mate: yerba mate is a plant rich in matein, a molecule close to caffeine, and in polyphenols, with antioxidant properties. In addition to its many benefits on sports performance, yerba mate is a fat burner. The polyphenols found in yerba mate help stimulate appetite-suppressing hormones. As a result, it positions itself as a solid ally during a diet.
  • Unlike thermogenic supplements, lipotropic supplements do not stimulate the body. These are substances that contribute to the balance of fats and lipids in the body. A lipotropic nutrient promotes fat burning and extraction: Fat Burner: this supplement helps with fat loss and energy metabolism. It contains choline and inositol, two lipotropic agents. These molecules accelerate fat burning and optimize drying. The Fat Burner is very useful in bodybuilding. Choline increases strength, endurance and reduces catabolism during training. Carnitine: This amino acid is synthesized from two amino acids (lysine and methionine). Present in the liver and kidneys, carnitine allows the transport of lipids to the tissues. It helps the body burn them, which gives it a vital role in metabolism and weight loss.
  • These are essential macronutrients for burning calories. Their interests in weight loss are numerous: • thanks to their effects on the development of muscle mass, proteins help to eliminate fat mass; • they have satiating properties which help prevent snacking; • they increase metabolism and facilitate digestion Diet Protein Blend: It contains total protein, nutri-fiber, inulin, carnitine, and other ingredients. This supplement helps prevent snacking. Indeed, nutri-fibers and proteins have a satiety effect which promotes weight loss. Thus, Diet Protein Blend limits the level of fat in the body and promotes weight loss.

The best sports to burn fat

Regular exercise is important for weight loss. Some sports are more energy intensive and burn more calories. In addition to a healthy diet and a supplement plan, practicing these sports helps with weight loss.

  • This endurance sport does not require any special equipment (apart from a good pair of sneakers). This sport burns almost 850 calories per hour. This data may vary in intensity and weight. However, if you are overweight or obese, it is not recommended to run. Start by walking and gradually increase your pace.
  • It is a sport of endurance, speed and flexibility. With an energy expenditure of around 650 calories per hour, all of the muscles are used during exercise. It is possible to burn more calories depending on the swimming performed. Certain types of swimming require more energy than others (crawl, butterfly, etc.). It is ideal for people with back or joint pain.
  • This sport is often put aside in the context of weight loss. However, practicing weight training helps burn fat. Energy expenditure is 260 calories per hour. This sport uses all the muscles during and after training. Depending on the intensity of the session, the body can burn fat for up to 72 hours after training.
  • One hour of crossfit is equivalent to 500 calories burned depending on the level of intensity. There are several levels in CrossFit, but this sport requires a certain amount of endurance and agility acquired beforehand. It is not recommended for beginners to sport to start with crossfit, or at least with circuits. Train CrossFit exercises individually called WOD. Once you have mastered these exercises, gradually increase the level.

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