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Multivitamins: how to avoid side effects?

Multivitamins are becoming increasingly popular. However, the quality of their composition varies from brand to brand. Result: compositions unsuitable for consumption and side effects linked to the use of the wrong forms of vitamins.
Multivitamines : comment éviter les effets secondaires ?

Multivitamin dietary supplements are increasingly popular to guard against deficiencies. However, the quality of their composition varies from brand to brand. Some sellers do not control the products they have made by subcontractors. Result: compositions unsuitable for consumption and side effects linked to the use of the wrong forms of vitamins.

If you experience hot flashes and itchy neck, you may be suffering from flushing syndrome caused by poor vitamin B3. Nutrimuscle explains how to choose your Multivitamins well, paying attention to vitamin B3.

Contents :

  • The flush, a side effect due to an overdose of vitamin B3
  • What causes the flush?
  • Can dietary supplements cause flush syndrome?
  • How to guard against it?
  • The flush, the side effect caused by an overdose of vitamin B3

    The flush syndrome is characterized by a sensation of heat and visible redness in the area of ​​the neck, face and on the upper part of the trunk. Plaques can occur on the body, but the most affected part is often the neck, due to the density of the skin vessels. Flushing is caused by increased blood flow as a result of superficial vasodilation. These painful episodes last less than 4 hours and the peak of pain is reached in 10 minutes. Although brief, they are intense and the redness may remain visible after the attack.

    What causes the flush?

    Several factors can lead to flush syndrome: endogenous (chemical reactions in the body without an external agent) or exogenous (allergy, overdose of a nutrient, external stimulation).

    Can dietary supplements cause flush syndrome?

    Food supplements can be vectors of flush syndrome when they are poorly dosed and poorly composed. Simply put, overdosing on a vitamin or amino acid can lead to appalling side effects, such as vitamin B3 in its nicotinic acid form.

    Indeed, the form of the vitamins is crucial in a product. Vitamin B3 is not subject to the same regulations depending on its form. At too high a dose, vitamin B3 in the form of niacin can cause a flush, called “niacin flush”.

    We recommend that you read the composition of your Multivitamin carefully and check that vitamin B3 is indeed in the form of Nicotinamide (or “niacinamide”). This form is safe for your health unlike niacin.

    How to guard against it?

    It may seem difficult to guard against the risk of overdose when consuming food supplements. However, a few simple measures are enough to make a difference in your choices.

    Choose a transparent brand on its food supplements

    Many food supplement traders do not communicate the origin of their ingredients and cut their end-of-life raw material with flavorings. It is therefore not possible to know exactly the quality of the ingredients. Opt for brands that communicate transparently about the origin of their ingredients, the name of their suppliers, the batch number and their various certifications.

    Always read the composition of your food supplements before buying

    As previously mentioned, the forms of the vitamins are an essential criterion to take into account. Each vitamin has several forms and a dosage that depends on it. Check if each ingredient complies with the dosage according to European standards.

    To find out more about choosing your food supplements and how to properly decipher a label, we invite you to read our dedicated article.

    Choose an expert brand and not a simple trader

    Most dietary supplement brands use subcontractors to produce their products. The brands therefore have no control over production and cannot control the quality of the raw material upstream or downstream. It is up to the subcontractor to carry out the quality controls and to ensure the correct composition of the product. The problem is that these factories do not only produce the dietary supplements of a single brand, but handle a lot of raw materials for different customers. So opt for expert brands with full control over their production.

    Nutrimuscle campaigns for responsible consumption of food supplements

    At Nutrimuscle, the production of food supplements has been our core business since 1993. We are the only sports nutrition brand in France to have our own factory where we control the quality of our food supplements, dose and assemble the best raw materials. Our final products are also checked by internal experts and independent laboratories.

    It is our responsibility to offer you safe and traceable food supplements as a manufacturer, just as it is also your responsibility to consume them responsibly.

    In conclusion, to preserve your health, systematically inform yourself about the brand and the product you are buying. To avoid unpleasant surprises, choose a manufacturer who masters his trade rather than a simple online merchant.

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