Who are we ?

Nutrimuscle was founded in 1993 and went down in history as the first French brand of bodybuilding supplements, becoming over the years the benchmark brand of food supplements for athletes. When it was created, Nutrimuscle adopted an ambitious mission: to make sports nutrition accessible while respecting the highest quality criteria. This is how Nutrimuscle has established itself as the pioneering French sports nutrition brand.

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Our engagements

Born from a desire to offer athletes food supplements of impeccable quality, Nutrimuscle has been committed for almost 30 years to carefully selecting very high quality raw materials from hand-picked partners and to preserving their purity.

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Ingredients & Suppliers

We carefully select our suppliers and take care to provide you with quality ingredients.

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Certifications & Certificates

Each Nutrimuscle product is attested or certified by our suppliers.

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Our Blog

Through our articles, we provide you with quality advice and inform you about sports nutrition.

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The Nutrimuscle Forum

Join a supportive and passionate community.

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