In combat sports, body and mind must be perfectly prepared. These disciplines are demanding because they require both strength and speed, but also endurance and vigilance. Combat sports also expose athletes to the risk of injury and pain after training. Discover our selection of supplements to optimize your recovery after the fight, to better prepare for the training session and to avoid injuries.

The fundamental supplements

Multivitamins: taking a daily multivitamin supplement helps improve recovery by preventing a reduction in body vitamin levels following an MMA, judo or boxing session . In fact, training of this type causes a drop in thiamine levels and accelerates the destruction of vitamin E reserves by 20% (1).

Multiminerals: taking a multimineral daily helps compensate for mineral losses caused by sweating and reduces inflammation and muscle damage that can occur during combat sports, particularly thanks to zinc and selenium (2,3,4 ).

Omega 3 : whether you are a boxer, judoka or MMA practitioner, your cardiovascular health should not be neglected. Taking daily omega 3 supplements helps the heart beat more regularly by lowering heart rate and blood pressure and improving the smoothness of blood circulation (5). They also help reduce the harm caused by muscle aches and improve recovery (6,7).

Musclewhey: the importance of protein supplementation in sports requiring muscles such as combat sports is increasingly recognized. Protein supplementation provides the body with amino acids to improve post-exercise muscle reconstruction while limiting the decline in performance linked to muscle fatigue (8,9).

Creatine: the usefulness of creatine for combat sports practitioners is no longer in doubt: in fact, creatine increases muscle mass by stimulating protein synthesis, boosts the natural secretion of anabolic hormones (10) and allows to progress more quickly (11).

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supplements for training

Cluster Dextrin

Cluster Dextrin is a carbohydrate particularly suitable for taking before or after a sports session (MMA, judo, boxing, martial arts, etc.). Cluster Dextrin helps increase endurance (12), and improve recovery after exercise. Indeed, this highly branched cyclic dextrin provides the body with a high energy supply of glycogen. In addition, Cluster Dextrin improves and accelerates recovery after combat by stimulating the resynthesis of muscle glycogen.

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BCAA 4.1.1 

BCAAs are branched amino acids found naturally in proteins. For combat athletes, an additional intake improves muscle building by stimulating protein synthesis and reduces muscle damage caused by training (13) leading to better recovery.

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Mix Focus

The focus mix contains green caffeine and citicoline. We recommend this mix to combat sports practitioners wishing to maintain the same level of concentration during training. The focus mix also contains astaxantin. This very powerful anti-oxidant allows fighters to be more endurance thanks to better lipid metabolism leading to an increase in aerobic performance (14). The caffeine contained in the focus mix makes it possible in particular to reduce the effort perceived during training. (15). In addition, the citicoline in the focus mix allows you to maintain the same level of muscle strength during the session. Citicoline is a precursor to acetylcholine, a very important neurotransmitter for muscles and the brain because it controls the force of contraction. An intense fight depletes acetylcholine stores, causing muscle strength to gradually lose.

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Type 1 Collagen

After a fight that places heavy strain on the muscles, the breakdown of collagen in joints and tendons intensifies. The peptide collagen promotes the speed of joint and tendon regeneration (16). With this in mind, supplementing with collagen provides a double benefit. This will promote bone maintenance and protection and will allow better lubrication of the tendons by stimulating the synthesis of new collagen filaments (17) and therefore allows better prevention of injuries generally observed during combat sports sessions (acute aches, tendon pain, knee and elbow problems).

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Intense training (MMA, judo, boxing, etc.) causes tension on the nervous system. It is during sleep that the latter is regenerated, but the quality of sleep of strength athletes is generally of lower quality following training. We recommend that people with sleep disorders supplement with zinc and magnesium. These minerals combined together in the form of pidolates provide relaxing effects promoting better sleep and better muscular and nervous relaxation (18). ZMB is a supplement combining magnesium and zinc pidolates and vitamin B6 specially designed to improve the nervous and neuronal recovery.

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Gregory's testimony

Gregory Bouchelaghem, known as Greg MMA, is a black belt in karate and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. He is one of the athletes who helped improve the image of MMA in France. Having practiced martial arts for more than twenty years, he talks about how food supplements allowed him to improve his performance:

"In martial arts you hit yourself hard, you hurt yourself. Unsurprisingly, joint pain was part of my daily life. I told Nutrimuscle about these problems, they immediately recommended their joint Nutrimix. Since I started using it, my pain has disappeared. My left knee, my left shoulder and my left hamstring no longer hurt!
For me, recovery during sleep is also very important. Lactium from Nutrimuscle helps me fall asleep and have more restful sleep. I feel a very clear difference the next day in training. The supplement I use before every workout is a blend of amino acids: Musclepump. It makes me much more energetic! I also use creatine and proteins from Nutrimuscle to improve my strength during my sessions. Finally, for my health, I take Multivitamins, Multiminerals and Omega 3 daily. This helps avoid micronutrient deficiencies and keeps my body in good health."