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Food supplements to take for dryness

You want to lose fat while maintaining your muscle mass. Nutrimuscle explains how suitable food supplements can help you achieve your goals.
Nutrition sportive
Les compléments alimentaires à prendre pour la sèche
You want to lose fat while maintaining your muscle mass. Nutrimuscle explains how suitable food supplements can help you achieve your goals.

The goal of the game if you want to succeed in cutting is to burn more fat while preserving your muscles. To obtain optimal muscle definition, 3 main levers are at your disposal:

- Your diet

- Your physical activity

- Your supplementation

A balanced diet

Regarding food, if you are in a dry period, you must ensure that you respect a certain balance between macronutrients (proteins, carbohydrates, lipids).

It is recommended to increase your protein intake for a cut, because they help eliminate fat by raising the metabolism. Proteins also have a thermogenic effect, that is, by digesting them, they make us burn calories.

Generally, our diet is unbalanced, we eat too much omega 6 and not enough omega 3. This is not why we should wipe omega 6 off the map, but rather try to eat advantage of foods rich in omega 3 (fatty fish, linseed oil, rapeseed oil, etc.) Fats to avoid, you already know them (fast food, processed products, crisps, etc.)

Choose quality carbohydrates with a low glycemic index to correctly distribute your insulin levels during the day.

Appropriate physical activity

To optimize your cut, we recommend that you increase the frequency of your exercises rather than reducing your caloric intake. This way, you will maintain the same strength in training and you will maintain your muscular integrity, which will help you burn more calories. We advise you to add “cardio” type exercises to your training program to burn calories and to optimize the use of fat by the body.

Dietary supplements for drying

There are several types of supplements to help you achieve your cutting goals and optimize your workout results. Here's a guide to which supplements to choose for your cutting program.

protein powder

Protein powders are ideal when you want to lose weight and fat. Indeed, they allow you to burn more calories than other foods (such as carbohydrates), they increase fat burning by raising the metabolism, have a powerful appetite suppressant effect and they preserve muscle integrity thanks to their contribution. in amino acids.

Micellar casein isolate: micellar casein, the solid part of milk, is a protein that is assimilated and digested slowly. It supplies the muscles with amino acids over a long period of time, which allows you to maintain a high anabolism. Thus, you will optimize the burning of your fats. We recommend that you take the casein isolate in the morning when you wake up in order to boost your anabolism and to provide you with an appetite suppressant effect until lunch.

Total proteins contain 80% micellar casein and 20% whey. This protein allows you to stimulate your anabolism thanks to the whey+casein synergy and therefore to optimize your muscle building while helping you in your weight loss.

The protimuscle: as with total proteins, the protimuscle combines the benefits of whey and casein in a single protein. The difference lies in the ratio, it is 50% whey for 50% casein for the protimuscle. This versatile protein allows you to gain muscle mass while helping you shed unwanted pounds. Indeed, the protimuscle increases your level of satiety, which allows you to space out your meals more and eat less during the next meal.

Milk&Egg Bio protein combines total protein and egg white protein. The diversity of protein sources (whey, casein and egg) provide an extended aminogram ideal for protecting your muscle mass. The appetite suppressant effect of eggs plus the improvement in fat burning thanks to whey and casein make this protein a supplement of choice for a cutting diet.

Fat burners or “burners”

Fat burners are supplements that can help you burn fat faster and are therefore an attractive option for achieving your cutting goals. There are several of them, it's up to you to choose the one that seems the most suitable for you.

Fat Burner: this supplement combines two lipotropic agents, choline and inositol. These two active substances bind to your fats in order to eliminate them in the liver. The fat burner allows you to both optimize your dryness and improve your performance in training, thanks to choline. You can take the fat burner during your meals and around your workouts.

Carnitine: this supplement can be presented as the “fat-burning amino acid”. Carnitine increases the oxidation of your fats while boosting your energy metabolism. This supplement therefore helps you lose weight faster, recover better from training and fight against fatigue. We recommend taking carnitine before training and during meals.

Natural Bio Burner: this supplement is a blend of two plants: yerba mate and green tea. Thanks to the synergy between these two plants, the natural bio burner allows you to increase your energy expenditure, better control your appetite and accelerate the burning of your fats. In addition to these benefits, this supplement helps reduce the fatigue associated with following a low-calorie diet. You can take the natural bio burner when you wake up and at noon. In some people taking it in the evening allows better sleep in addition to burning fat at night.

Natural Bio Booster: this supplement combines the benefits of green tea and guarana. In the presence of the caffeine contained in guarana, green tea catechins are even more effective in burning fat. This supplement has the same benefits as the natural bio burner while providing a boost effect. You can take the natural bio booster in the morning and at noon, and 2 hours before training.


During a cut, regulating your energy levels and protecting your digestive health are also success factors. Modulating your carbohydrate intake and favoring quality carbohydrates is important to achieve your goals.

Sweet Potato: Sweet potato powder is an excellent source of carbohydrates with a low glycemic index. The high fiber content of the sweet potato slows down the absorption of carbohydrates and thus provides the body with energy over a longer period. Sweet potato also has beneficial effects on the health of the intestinal flora.

Nutri-Fibres: these dietary fibers provide a source of carbohydrates with a prolonged release of energy as well as a very interesting appetite suppressant effect for a cutting diet. They are very interesting for those who want carbohydrates with a low caloric impact in training. The nutri-fibers also protect your intestinal flora.

Flakes ( Oats , Buckwheat and Barley): flakes have 3 major benefits. They are ideal sources of carbohydrates to normalize your glucose and insulin levels, to keep your digestive system healthy and to provide you with energy for your workouts. You can take them in the morning with the casein isolate for a big satiety effect. It also allows you to replace bad carbs with quality carbs.

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