Ashwagandha Shoden

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  • Withanolide concentration: 35%
  • Ayurvedic plant cultivated in India
  • Helps manage stress*
  • Contributes to synthesizing muscle fibers
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Focus on the product

Focus on the product

Ashwagandha being a adaptogenic plant and adapting according to your needs, we recommend that you test several user tips.

in the morning: to help you keep the energy levels .
In the evening: to promote the appearance of sleep.

Women pregnant and lactating, people with hyperthyroidism or hemochromatosis are invited to take the attachment of a healthcare professional Before any supplementation. Product not recommended for children and adolescents.

All studies

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Take 1 capsule per day.

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Sans lactose Végétarien Vegan Sans gluten Sans caséine Kéto Sans biotiques Pesco-végétarien

Nutrimuscle has chosen the patented Shoden® brand which offers quality ashwagandha, extracted thanks to a unique process.

The particularity of the Ashwagandha Shoden® is that it contains 35% of Withanolide. Withanolides are the key active ingredient of ashwagandha.

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  • Sans lactose Végétarien Vegan Sans gluten Sans caséine

    Nutrimuscle has chosen the patented Shoden® brand which offers quality ashwagandha, extracted thanks to a unique process.

    The particularity of the Ashwagandha Shoden® is that it contains 35% of Withanolide. Withanolides are the key active ingredient of ashwagandha.

Good to know

Ashwagandha is a adaptogenic plant, that is to say a plant supposedly increase the capacity of the body to adapt to different types of stress (examples: lack of sleep, fatigue, etc.) Learn more.

What the product does

What the product does

What the product does

Best recovery after training

Ashwagandha preserves the general state of health thanks to its antioxidant properties

Sleep improvement and stress reduction

Ashwagandha helps the body manage stress


Everything about this product

Interaction with other Nutrimuscle products

  • We recommend the association of the following products:
    - Tribulus
    - Maca
    - Rhodiola
    - Zinc Ultimine
    - Multivitamins
    - Multiminerals

    Nevertheless , the concomitant taking of several food supplements should be made after consultation with a doctor on the subject

  • No notable antagonisms.

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  • As consumers of our products, we favor traceability and transparency for our producers and our food supplements.

    at Nutrimuscle, we only use very high -end products whose quality is quality is Guaranteed by the world leaders: the Indian group Arjuna Natural, plant specialist, produces the patented ashwagandha nutrimuscle shoden®.

    we have chosen the ashwagandha shden® 100% pure and natural for its unique mixture of roots and the Withania Somnifera plant thus bringing a greater diversity of its active ingredients and containing a large amount of Withanolide (35%). The effectiveness of this patented formula has been demonstrated as part of several clinical studies.

    the ashwagandha powder can be manufactured either from the roots of the plant, or from the plant leaves, or even A combination of the two. At Nutrimuscle, we have chosen to offer you a mixture combining extracts from sheets and roots in order to be able to benefit as much from the effects that the latter provide.

    Indeed, the roots will mainly act on anxiety , stress and improvement in cognitive function thanks to Withanolids while the leaves will have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties thanks to phenolic flavonoids and acids.

    Our ashwagandha is certified without GMOs, Halal, kosher and wada which makes ashwagandha accessible for a large number of diets.

Who is the product for?

  • Ashwagandha Nutrimuscle is aimed at people who need help to better manage stress, to maintain the energy level and to promote the appearance of sleep.

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