Loyalty program

  • You can convert your points directly into a reduction in euros on your order. To do this, simply log in to your Nutrimuscle account or create an account if you do not already have one and go to the payment page after preparing your order, select the number of points that you wish to exchange and apply the reduction*. *This reduction cannot be combined with other Nutrimuscle promotional codes. **This reduction can be combined with the products offered in the loyalty program.
  • • How to benefit from the Loyalty Program? To have access to the benefits of the loyalty program, you must have a Nutrimuscle account. If you already have a Nutrimuscle account, you benefit directly from it, otherwise all you have to do is create an account. Then go to your loyalty area, Team Nutrimuscle • Do I have to pay to benefit from the Loyalty Program? Absolutely not ! Registration is 100% free, you just need a Nutrimuscle account. • I already have an account, do I need to create a new one to have access to the new Loyalty program? Good news, we took care of it for you! If you already had an account, you have access to the Loyalty Program in your “My Account” area.
  • • How to earn points ? With each order, you earn points for each euro spent. Apart from orders, you can earn points by performing various actions, discover the list here! • If I cancel an order, do I keep the points I earned? Unfortunately no, if your order is refunded, the points you earned are also withdrawn. •How long are my points valid? Your points are valid for 1 year. The expiration date is updated after each purchase. • Is there a limit on the points I can earn for placing an order? There is no limit on points to collect on orders.
  • To access the next status, you must have accumulated a certain number of points. Find the status rules on the Loyalty Program page. Furthermore, there is no need to save your points in the account! You can spend them, they will still be counted for status changes. An indicator will allow you to know where you are in terms of progress on your account. What are the additional benefits linked to our status? Yes, each status has its advantages! Access to products offered in the Loyalty Program will depend on your status. Each status will not have access to the same choice of products, which will be unlocked as the levels are reached. More details here. How do I know my status / know when I reach the next status? Your current status is indicated on your Team Nutrimuscle space. You can also find out how many points you are missing to reach the next status. When you reach a new status, you automatically receive an email to notify you! How long is my status valid? To maintain your status, you must have accumulated the number of points necessary for entry. Your status will be updated every year.
  • How do I redeem my points? Go to the Loyalty Program area, where you will find your store of free products! Each product has a point value, and you just have to select the product(s) you want. Please note, you must have at least 1 paid product in your basket to be able to select your free products. What products are offered in the Team Nutrimuscle program? Each status has access to an increasingly larger selection of products: Insider: selection of 10 products Determined: selection of 20 products Relentless: selection of 30 products Legend: PREMIUM selection of 50 products These products are bestsellers and new arrivals. This selection is likely to change over time. What happens if I cancel or receive a refund for an order in which I used my points? If you cancel or receive a refund for an order containing products exchanged for points, we will also refund the points you used.
  • How to sponsor a friend ? Meet here ! All you have to do is log in or enter your email address, and enter the email addresses of your friends. They will receive within minutes an email with a link to follow to discover your sponsorship code, offering them 10% off for any order over €50. For each friend who places their first order with it, you will receive a 10% discount voucher! For more details, click here. I sponsored friends and family, but they did not receive a promo code after clicking on the link I sent them. What to do ? First of all, thank you for recommending Nutrimuscle to your loved ones 😊 Several criteria can explain why they did not receive a display window containing their promotional code: If you are in the same household (using the same IP address or the same network), an automatic restriction is put in place to limit fraud. We recommend using two different devices (a computer + a mobile phone) to maximize your chances of success If your godchild has already placed an order on the nutrimuscle.com website If your referral uses private browsing. Please use Chrome or Safari browsers and check ad blockers. I sponsored friends and family, but I did not receive my promo code. What to do ? Several criteria can explain why you did not receive your bonus: Did your loved ones use your referral link correctly? Did they place an order of at least €50? Is this their first order from Nutrimuscle? Please note that when a loved one uses your code to place an order, you will receive an email confirmation. If you are sure you should have received your code and have not received it, please contact us at contact@nutrimuscle.com.
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