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What to eat during a diet?

For a diet to be successful, it is essential to vary your diet in order to avoid frustration. Nutrimuscle offers you meal ideas to fight against frustration and food cravings.
Que manger pendant un régime ?

For a diet to be successful, it is essential to vary your diet in order to avoid frustration. In fact, a good number of sports programs are quickly abandoned due to dietary restrictions and taste boredom, caused by the redundancy of meals and the absence of flavors. Nutrimuscle helps you achieve all your goals by offering you meal ideas to combat frustration and food cravings.


  • Mass gain
  • Weight loss
  • The dry
  • Mass gain

    In bodybuilding, gaining mass is the obligatory step for athletes who want to achieve results. This consists of increasing muscle volume and is caused by two things: training and diet.

    To achieve mass gain, nutritional and caloric intake must be increased. It is recommended to eat 3 meals as well as 2 snacks per day. Furthermore, we recommend 2.5 g of proteins per kilo of body weight, 1.3 g of lipids per kg/weight and consumption of carbohydrates with a low glycemic index.

    Meal ideas for mass gain

    Protein breakfast

    • Omelette with vegetables and cheese
    • Rice cream porridge
    • Protein smoothie with banana, spinach and almond milk

    Balanced lunch

    • Grilled chicken or fish with brown rice and steamed vegetables
    • Quinoa, chickpea and feta salad
    • Wholemeal bread sandwich with turkey, avocado, vegetables and low-fat mayonnaise

    Protein snack

    • Greek yogurt with seasonal fruits and nuts
    • Protein Smoothie
    • Vegetable sticks and hummus



    • Casein shake
    • Cottage cheese with fresh fruit

    Food supplements for mass gain

    Taking food supplements is recommended when gaining weight. Indeed, food supplements provide the nutritional intake necessary for mass gain while limiting fat.

    Creatine : Popular among athletes, creatine is now recognized for its mass-gain benefits. This supplement increases strength and lean muscle mass, allowing you to increase the intensity of workouts and train for longer.

    Musclemass - Hard gainer : The mixture of proteins and carbohydrates is perfect for gaining muscle mass and strength. Muscle mass stimulates anabolism and provides energy, ideal during training.

    Native whey : The safest way to ensure a daily protein intake and drink a whey shake.

    Weight loss

    Weight loss means banning many processed foods in favor of raw fruits and vegetables, lean meats, fish and whole grains. In other words, refined sugar, alcohol, soda and prepared meals should be banned. It is advisable to eat more whole products and cook your own food.

    Meal ideas for weight loss


    • Protein pancakes
    • Omelette with egg whites, mushrooms and spinach
    • Sugar-free Greek yogurt with seasonal fruits


    • Grilled chicken salad, unlimited vegetables and lemon juice
    • Sweet potato falafel
    • Chicken wrap with fresh vegetables and yogurt sauce


    • Maca Smoothie
    • Apple with almond or peanut butter
    • Handful of mixed nuts



    Food supplements to burn weight loss

    They complement a balanced diet and a suitable sports program, in order to burn more fat. Thermogenic supplements stimulate metabolism, even at rest: this helps transform fat into energy.

    Green tea : The catechins present in green tea accelerate weight loss, reduce insulin secretion and stimulate the elimination of fats.

    Green caffeine : In addition to providing energy, caffeine acts on fat loss.

    Guarana : In synergy with caffeine, guarana prolongs the action of the latter, which accelerates fat burning over a longer period of time.

    The dry

    The drying period follows the mass gain period. It helps melt fat while preserving muscle mass.

    It is recommended to consume more protein, good quality fats and low glycemic index carbohydrates, all in smaller quantities. Foods such as lean meat, fish, dairy products and fruits and vegetables are preferred.

    Meal ideas for the dry



    • Chicken and raw vegetables wrap
    • Turkey, cucumber, tomato, spinach and avocado salad
    • Grilled salmon, green beans, broccoli and brown rice




    Food supplements for dryness

    To achieve dryness, it is entirely possible to use lipotrophic supplements as mentioned above, as part of weight loss (green caffeine, green tea, guarana). There are others, such as:

    Carnitine : This molecule present in the body helps burn fat by transporting lipids to the tissues.

    Diet Protein Blend : Designed by our experts, the Diet Protein Blend is a mixture of proteins and nutri-fibers that limits snacking and promotes weight loss.

    Decline the flavors

    All of these recipes can be adapted and seasoned to your liking. Vary, combine and experiment in the kitchen. This allows you to break the routine and reconcile yourself with healthy eating. Do not hesitate to call on health professionals such as dietitians or nutritionists if you need help or personalized support.

    More recipes on our blog and on our Instagram account @nutrimuscle .

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