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How to modulate the aroma of your protein?

Would you like to change the taste of your protein? Do you want to reduce its aroma? Here are some tips for your daily protein intake.
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Would you like to change the taste of your protein? Do you want to reduce its aroma? Here are some tips for your daily protein intake.

How does the protein mixing strategy modulate the aroma?

Protein powders have little flavor on their own. What makes them taste good is only the addition of chemicals. It is for this reason that at Nutrimuscle, you will not find supplements with tastes as outrageous as they are exotic.

The aroma remains discreet due to the addition of sweeteners that is as low as possible. For those who wish to avoid any addition of sweetener, Nutrimuscle provides them with natural proteins, which you can flavor (or not) at your convenience with cocoa, milk or syrup, for example. However, it is possible to modulate this aroma using various mixing strategies.

How to reduce the aroma?

If you find the flavor of your protein too strong, the easiest strategy is to dilute it in more water.

On the other hand, it is obvious that the more protein you take at once, the more intense the aroma will be for the same quantity of water. It is for this reason that there is no rule as to how much water you should add to your protein.

Whether you dilute your protein in a lot of water or in very little water on the contrary, to adjust the intensity of the aroma, in no way will the anabolic efficiency be affected. Adding water is only a comfort factor.

How to intensify the aroma?

Some users find the aroma of Nutrimuscle proteins too discreet, especially when they are used to very commercial proteins containing many chemicals in order to mask the poor quality of the raw material.

The simplest strategy to intensify the taste is to put as little water as possible in your mixture or to take more protein at once, or to add flavor thanks to our Nutriaromas.

Several strategies to intensify the flavor of your proteins

The second strategy consists in adding a taste by supplementing the chocolate proteins with cocoa, the banana or strawberry proteins with a fruit... In this case, it is necessary to take into account the fact that you are increasing the caloric intake. You can also add sucralose , which will intensify the aroma, but without altering the caloric intake .

The liquid in which you mix the protein will also have an impact. If instead of water, you put milk (cow, almond, soy, coconut...), a fruit juice... the aroma will be naturally intensified.

The level of dilution which consists of adding more or less liquid will have the same repercussions as with water. On the other hand, it will be necessary to take into account the greater caloric intake.

Impact of advance preparation

By preparing the mixture ten minutes in advance (or even a few hours), you will bring out the aroma and smoothness of the protein. The latter tends to swell a little, especially the casein, which will fill the stomach more.

A good appetite suppressant strategy when you are on a diet is to prepare your casein at least 10 minutes in advance so that it swells well in as much water as possible to "fill" the stomach and not suffer hunger pangs that lead to snacking.

Impact of liquid temperature

A hot liquid intensifies all the aromas while a cold liquid reduces the flavors . If you choose to heat your liquid (water or milk), microwave it before blending. Do not put the protein and liquid mixture in the microwave.

Similarly, it is not useful, and even rather harmful, to boil your liquid. Mount it only at the temperature that suits you. Except for egg protein, we advise against heating the liquid intensively, mixing it and waiting for it to cool down before drinking it.

High temperatures tend to degrade the digestibility of dairy proteins. On the other hand, they increase the assimilation of egg proteins, which explains why this protein is perfect for cooking.

It is possible to cook with dairy proteins, but this will be done to the detriment of their assimilation above average temperatures of around 50°. Protein will dissolve much faster in a hot liquid than a cold liquid . It will also swell faster.

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