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  • Very sweet
  • Sugar free, ideal as part of a diet
  • No impact on blood sugar
  • No slowing down of protein absorption
  • Perfect with your protein snacks
Zero calorie sweetener ideal for diets Find out more
  • Diet
  • Powder
  • 50 g
  • 200 g
Optimal consumption date: 06/2023
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Dosage: 10 mg of sucralose has the same sweetening power as a whole sugar cube (5 g)
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10 mg of sucralose has the same sweetening power as a whole sugar cube (5 g)

What is Nutrimuscle's Sucralose?

Nutrimuscle Sucralose is a calorie-free sweetener. Nutrimuscle Sucralose is not recognised by the body as a carbohydrate, so it isn't metabolised.

Nutrimuscle Sucralose has about 600 times the sweetening power of sugar and tastes similar.

What are the benefits of Nutrimucle's Sucralose?

No hormonal impact

Nutrimuscle sucralose is metabolically neutral: it has no impact on increasing the level of insulin secretion.

No slowing down of your protein absorption rate

Sucralose does not slow down the speed of arrival of the anabolic amino acids in the blood and muscles.

Dental Health

Sucralose does lead to cavities like sugar does.

For further details on the benefits of Nutrimuscle Sucralose, visit the Find out more section.

Nutrimuscle Sucralose

Nutrimuscle Sucralose is made from 100% SPLENDA® micronized sucralose powder made from cane sugar, using a patented process that selectively replaces the three hydrogen-oxygen groups in the sugar molecule with three chlorine atoms.


Ingredients of Nutrimuscle's Sucralose

Sucralose Splenda granules.

Nutritional values of Nutrimuscle's Sucralose

Nutritional values per 100 g : 

  • Protein : 0g
  • Carbohydrates : 0g
  • Fat : 0g 
  • Calories : 0kcal

10 mg of granulated sucralose has the same sweetening power as a sugar cube (5 g).

Nutritional composition of Nutrimuscle's Sucralose

100 g10 mg
Proteins0 g0 mg
0 g0 mg
Fats0 g0 mg
Calories0 kcal0 kcal
0 kJ
0 kJ
  • 1 g (gram) = 1000 mg (milligram)
  • 10 mg of granulated sucralose (about a pinch) with the same sweetness as a piece of sugar (5g). 

Usage tips

Who is Nutrimuscle Sucralose for?

Nutrimuscle sucralose is for:

  • Athletes and less active people, for its sweetening power, without the cons that come with other sugars.

When should I use Nutrimuscle Sucralose?

You can use Nutrimuscle Sucralose with all of your various supplements. Nutrimuscle Sucralose makes it possible to reduce your sugar intake and therefore 'bad' calories, without having to deprive yourself. In fact, you can indulge guilt free, since it gives you a great sweet taste without the consequences of sugar.

Nutrimuscle Sucralose can be consumed during meals, in sweet dishes, or in a protein shake.

How do I use Nutrimuscle Sucralose?

Nutrimuscle Sucralose dissolves remarkably well in any liquid. Unlike aspartame, which shouldn't be heated, Nutrimuscle Sucralose can be warmed up, cooked, or frozen without losing its taste.

Nutrimuscle Sucralose can therefore be used not only to sweeten your protein snacks, but also to bake a low-calorie cake, sweeten a coffee, or make a high-protein sorbet.

Because of its powerful sweet taste, all you need is a tiny spoonful of Nutrimuscle Sucralose in your protein, or to mask the bitter taste of amino acids such as BCAAs, Leucine, or Peptopro and other protein hydrolysates.
Sucralose has made it possible to market protein hydrolysates, the bitter taste of which made them unpopular in the past. Nutrimuscle Sucralose is ideal for masking that strong and particular taste that would make a lot of us queasy. With just 1/2 cm x 1 mm of Sucralose Nutrimuscle, you can sweeten a whole protein shake. This means that your tub of Nutrimuscle Sucralose will last a very long time.

Interactions with other Nutrimuscle products

Synergies between supplements : 

No notable synergies.

Adverse reactions between supplements  :

No known negative interactions with other supplements.

Find out more

Guaranteed purity of raw materials

At Nutrimuscle, we use only the highest quality ingredients guaranteed by global leaders: SPLENDA® produces Nutrimuscle sucralose at its Singapore factory. What matters most to us is the quality of the raw materials, your health, and the results you achieve using our nutritional supplements.

Nutrimuscle Sucralose contains genuine SPLENDA® sucralose (registered trademark, patent protected). It is by no means a generic product (often from China or India), which are cheaper, but counterfeited. These SPLENDA® copies, often sold by discount retailers, undergo obscure manufacturing processes.

Only Nutrimuscle sucralose offers true traceability, quality and purity tracking, and a guarantee of authenticity that often does not exist elsewhere. At Nutrimuscle, we always choose quality, which means your safety and health.

Quality products

Intense Sweet Flavor Synthetic Sweeteners are artificial sugars, created specifically to add sweetness without adding calories, and without affecting blood sugar. Sucralose is one of the safest sweeteners. This is the one used by Nutrimuscle.

The European Food Safety Authority (EASA), an independent agency that scientifically assesses dietary risks, has issued a new opinion on the use of sucralose in foods for children aged 1 to 3 years. The agency considers it safe to add up to 400 mg of sucralose per pound of food for children. This opinion is part of the legislative context of the European Parliament, which would like to reduce exposure to sugar in very young children.
<h4> A new generation of fake sugar </h4>
Scientists have long been looking for a way to effectively replace sugar. This is why sweeteners and other fake sugars were created. Nutrimuscle Sucralose helps prevent all of those flawed attempts at non-caloric sugar copies.

Thus, sucralose is 600 times sweeter than sugar, so it is three times more potent than the older generation of sweeteners such as acesulfame-k or aspartame. This extreme power makes it possible to obtain a very high sweetening power with a tiny dose.

Benefits of Sucralose Nutrimuscle in more detail

If sugar provides calories, an increase in the glycemic index of food as well as an increase in the level of insulin secretion, Sucralose Nutrimuscle does not act on any of these parameters (1). It is therefore metabolically neutral.

On the other hand, unlike sugars which slow the rate of protein absorption, especially whey, Sucralose Nutrimuscle has no impact. Sucralose will therefore not slow down the speed of arrival of amino and anabolic acids in the blood and in the muscles. Similarly, unlike sugars, Sucralose Nutrimuscle does not promote the degradation of tooth enamel or the appearance of cavities (2).

Scientific references

  • (1) Ma J. Effect of the artificial sweetener, sucralose, on gastric emptying and incretin hormone release in healthy subjects. Am J Physiol Gastrointest Liver Physiol. 5009 Apr;296(4):G735-9.
  • (2) Steinberg LM. Effect of sucralose in coffee on plaque pH in human subjects. Caries Res. 1996;30(2):138-42.
  • (3) Goldsmith LA. Acute and subchronic toxicity of sucralose. Food Chem Toxicol. 5000;38 Suppl 2:S53-69.
  • (4) Baird IM. Repeated dose study of sucralose tolerance in human subjects. Food Chem Toxicol. 5000;38 Suppl 2:S123-9.


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