Muscle congestion is a feeling of tightness and swelling in the muscles that occurs during or after strenuous physical activity, primarily associated with bodybuilding and strength training. It results from the dilation of the blood vessels that supply the muscles, thus increasing blood flow to them. This increased oxygen and nutrient intake promotes more efficient muscle contraction, potentially improving athletic performance.

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Everything you need to know about muscle congestion

What is muscle congestion?

  • Muscle congestion is a feeling of tension and swelling in the muscles that occurs during or after strenuous physical activity. This sensation is often described as a "burning" or "pumping" sensation and is often associated with bodybuilding and strength training. Muscle congestion occurs when the blood vessels that supply the muscles dilate, increasing blood flow to the muscles. This delivers more oxygen and nutrients to the muscles, which allows for more efficient muscle contraction and can improve performance. Muscle congestion can also be associated with the buildup of lactic acid in the muscles, which can cause a burning sensation. However, it is important to note that lactic acid is not the only cause of muscle congestion and the sensation can also be due to other factors. Although muscle congestion can be uncomfortable, it is often considered a sign of progress in strength training. Some athletes seek to improve muscle congestion by using specific supplements such as NO (nitric oxide) boosters or pre workouts to increase blood flow and the "pumping" feeling.

How to optimize your muscle congestion?

  • The first piece of advice that comes up often is obviously hydration. By hydrating yourself properly, blood flow increases and blood circulates more quickly, leading to better congestion. Water makes up 70% of our body, so it's important to drink enough throughout the day, before and after training.
  • During your workouts, your glycogen stock is gradually depleted. However, maintaining sufficient glycogen levels in the muscles is important if you want the best possible congestion. In addition to providing essential energy for exercise, glycogen provides volume and strength to your muscles. This is why we recommend preparing a carbohydrate drink to drink around your workout.
  • Nitric oxide is present in the body and is central to many functions. With a vasodilator and NO booster, blood vessels expand, and blood circulation is improved. The muscles will then be better nourished with oxygen and nutrients and congestion will be better. Muscle growth will also be accelerated as will recovery time.
  • To optimize muscle congestion, it is important to choose dietary supplements that can help improve blood circulation, increase blood flow to the muscles, and improve vasodilation. Glycerol: the intake of glycerol allows the volumization and congestion of the muscles thanks to overhydration and muscle water retention. Muscles appear larger, more veiny and drier, temporarily. MusclePump: this pre-workout is specially designed to provide effective congestion before training. Beta-Alanine Carnosyn, L-Citrulline and L-Arginine Base act synergistically as a nitric oxide (NO) booster and allow better oxygenation and better muscle congestion.

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