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Protein for the dry: How to choose and why?

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Protéine pour la sèche : Comment choisir et pourquoi ?

When it comes to bodybuilding, the dry is a crucial phase for many athletes. It aims to reduce body fat while preserving muscle mass as much as possible. Protein plays an essential role in getting lean, particularly in the muscle definition process. It is crucial to know how to choose it well.

  • What is cutting in bodybuilding?
  • Protein in dry food: Why is it essential?
  • How to choose the best protein for drying?
  • Our recommendations for successful drying

What is cutting in bodybuilding?

After successful mass gain, the drying period is often considered by athletes to enhance their muscles by eliminating excess fat. This phase generally involves a reduction in calorie intake and careful attention to diet to optimize weight loss while minimizing muscle loss.

Protein in dry food: Why is it essential?

During a dry spell, the body may be tempted to use muscles as a source of energy, especially if caloric intake is drastically reduced. Adequate protein consumption helps counterbalance this tendency.

Preserve muscle mass: Protein provides the amino acids needed to support and repair muscle fibers.

Support weight loss: Protein is thermogenic, meaning it requires more energy to digest, boosting metabolism.

How to choose the best protein for drying?

It is crucial to choose quality protein powder, without unnecessary additives, to avoid unnecessary calories.

When looking to lose fat, micellar casein is the number 1 protein. To reduce your calorie intake, you need to space out your meals more in order to eat less. This spacing can be done thanks to micellar casein which provides a prolonged satiety effect. Thanks to the significant increase in amino acids in the blood, casein helps promote muscle mass gain.

Diet Protein Blend is also considered the perfect ally for dryness. It is a mixture specially designed to optimize drying and weight loss.
It provides a prolonged satiety effect, optimizes fat burning and supports muscle growth.

Whey protein is often considered the best protein for drying. Here's why :
Speed ​​of assimilation: It is quickly absorbed, which makes it ideal post-workout.
Rich in amino acids: It contains all the essential amino acids, in particular BCAAs , promoting recovery and muscle growth.

Our recommendations for successful drying

Dry protein infographic

Adapt your caloric intake: Based on your body weight, consider gradually reducing your calories, while ensuring you consume enough protein.

Include a dietary supplement: If you cannot meet your protein needs through food alone, then protein powder is an excellent ally.

Monitor your progress: Adapt your diet and training based on your results. If you lose too many pounds of weight too quickly, it may be a sign of muscle loss.

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