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The secrets of a good recovery

Whether you are returning to sport after a vacation period or just starting out, a good return to sport is in preparation. Nutrimuscle accompanies you in your sports recovery with advice and recommendations.
Les secrets d’une bonne reprise

Back to school is fast approaching and the gyms are starting to fill up again. Whether you are returning to sport after a period of vacation or are just starting out, a good return to sport is in the making. Nutrimuscle supports you in your return to sport with advice and recommendations.


  • Define your goals
  • Track your progress
  • Take a coach
  • Food supplements to have for back to school
  • Define your goals

    Clearly identify your needs in order to adapt your training and your food plan. What are your motivations for returning to sport? What are your expectations a year from now? What does your body need? How would you feel better in this one?

    Questioning yourself allows you to precisely define your needs and establish an effective action plan for the future. Gaining mass or losing weight does not require the same exercises and the same diet.

    Track your progress

    Track your progress rigorously. Keeping a diary noting important information for you can help you motivate yourself (goal, current weight and BMI, meals, exercises performed, feelings after the session). Over time, you will observe your progress and the fruit of your efforts. In addition, it allows you to better understand how your body works to better target your goals.

    Take a coach

    In bodybuilding, many athletes testify to the usefulness and relevance of having a coach, whether you are a beginner or an expert.

    As a beginner, a coach helps discipline you. Weekly appointments get you used to devoting time to physical activity. In addition, the obligation to deliver results once on site develops rigor and discipline. A coach saves you from the mistakes most caused by beginners. It is therefore a long-term investment.
    As an amateur sportsman or athlete, a coach is also recommended, especially in the context of a competition. Hiring a coach when you are an advanced athlete allows you to intensify training, correct errors and increase the precision of movements. In addition, a coach ensures that your goals are achieved and motivates you.

    Many gyms offer coaches available, without price increase. Coaching is very accessible and widespread. It is entirely possible to hire an independent coach depending on your contacts, your geolocation and your budget.

    Food supplements to have for back to school

    Essential proteins

    Native whey: The most widespread and accessible protein is native whey. Ideal for mass gain, native whey is THE supplement with which to restart gently. It provides the protein level necessary for muscle development and is considered an essential for bodybuilding.

    Micellar Casein : Casein is an ideal nighttime protein. To combat catabolism, casein provides amino acids to the muscle throughout the night. It takes over from native whey by slowly distributing nutrients. In addition, it limits snacking by providing an effect of satiety. Casein is ideal for fat loss by limiting muscle wasting.

    Prevent Injuries

    Collagen I : Collagen is an essential food supplement for athletes, regardless of their practice and level of training. It prevents injuries related to joints and tendons, while having aesthetic benefits on the skin, hair and nails. Type I collagen has no particular target, it acts on the entire body and reduces the risk of injury.

    Collagen II : Type II collagen is recommended for people prone to joint problems. Indeed, this type of collagen targets joints and tendon areas. It has a fundamental action on skin tissues, but it is used more for its benefits in relieving joint pain.

    Improve your concentration

    A good recovery requires good concentration. After two months of vacation, it can be difficult to regain good discipline. However, precision and rigor are essential to sports practice to achieve the right movements and avoid injuries. To improve concentration, there are different food supplements.

    Citicoline: Citicoline is an essential nutrient composed of choline and cytidine. These molecules allow citicoline to boost physical and intellectual performance, but also to increase strength and endurance during training.

    Mix focus : Mix Focus is a mixture from Nutrimuscle which combines citicoline, astaxanthin and caffeine. Citicoline improves the activity of neurotransmitters, astaxanthin reduces joint inflammation and caffeine boosts the body. Mix Focus is therefore the ideal mixture to prepare for training because it helps maintain performance, reduces recovery time and wards off fatigue.

    Creatine : Creatine is very popular because of its effects on muscle mass. Few people know that creatine has other benefits, particularly on the brain system. Children, students and seniors can consume creatine to develop their intellectual performance, accelerate learning and protect the brain from degeneration.

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