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How to lose weight quickly ?

Lose weight in a short time, yes but at what cost? Nutrimuscle exposes you to the dangers of losing weight too quickly and explains to you how to achieve lasting and effective weight loss.
Comment perdre du poids rapidement ?

Lose weight in a short time, yes but at what cost? It's common to want to get rid of unwanted fat as quickly as possible. Many methods abound on the Internet and sell an unrealistic and dangerous program for health. Nutrimuscle exposes you to the dangers of losing weight too quickly and explains to you how to achieve lasting and effective weight loss.


  • Is it possible to lose weight fast?
  • Lose weight permanently
  • Know how to surround yourself
  • Dietary supplements for weight loss

Is it possible to lose weight fast?

It is humanly possible to lose weight significantly in a week. Indeed, the body is capable of performing feats, but methods to lose weight quickly are not advisable.

Healthy weight loss is estimated to be between 500g and 1kg less per week. Beyond that, weight loss is considered too fast and has harmful effects on the body.

Rapid weight loss inevitably relies on a calorie deficit that is far too large. Being undernourished triggers a reaction in the body that activates a survival mode. It therefore draws on body reserves (water, fat) to maintain its vital functions. As a result, the metabolism is slowed down: it therefore becomes more difficult to lose weight. Losing weight quickly proves to be counterproductive, as any lost weight will be immediately restored once the diet is restored.

Lose weight permanently

The key to healthy, effective and lasting weight loss is to go gradually. Several factors must be taken into account to achieve good weight loss, even fast.

First of all, the diet needs to be rebalanced. Refined sugars and saturated fats are to be banned, in favor of a complete diet, rich in vitamins and minerals. Consume more protein: the latter actively participate in the burning of fat. In addition, their appetite suppressant effect limits snacking.

As mentioned earlier, a calorie deficit is essential for weight loss. The principle is to consume fewer calories than the number expended per day. A caloric deficit can be achieved through diet and physical activity. However, beware of excesses: we speak of a daily calorie deficit of up to 400 kcal less than the daily rate. Beyond that, weight loss is dangerous and the body is probably undernourished.

To accompany your weight loss, it is very strongly recommended to practice physical activity. Contrary to popular belief, bodybuilding is an ally for weight loss. To effectively lose fat, we recommend that you do your cardio exercises after your weight training session. Running, cycling or HIIT burns more fat and makes weight loss more effective.

A healthy lifestyle is essential for lasting weight loss. Banning tobacco, alcoholic beverages, regulating stress and getting enough sleep are the basis of a healthy lifestyle. All of these factors are vectors of stress which causes insulin spikes and a greater risk of gaining weight.

To learn more about ways to lose weight permanently, you can read our article How to effectively lose belly fat.

Know how to surround yourself

A need to lose weight quickly can result from a deep malaise or stress. Talk to your loved ones and turn to recognized health professionals: doctors, dietitian/nutritionist, sports coach. Consult reliable sources of information from competent persons.

Dietary supplements to burn fat

It is possible to accelerate weight loss by taking dietary supplements. We have shown that proteins participate in the burning of fat. There are also burners, dietary supplements that are easily integrated into the context of weight loss. Lipotropic supplements contribute to the balance of fats in the body and promote their extraction. Thermogenic supplements increase body temperature to boost metabolism and burn fat.

However, as their name suggests, food supplements come in addition to healthy and balanced weight loss: a good diet, regular sports training and a healthy lifestyle. Dietary supplements do not perform miracles and also depend on these parameters.

Abnormal weight loss is considered from a loss of 5% of weight in less than six months, and more than 10% of weight in less than a year. Worrying weight loss can be accompanied by symptoms such as abdominal pain, bone pain, digestive pain, headaches, fatigue which can lead to fever or even visual disturbances. They can also be accompanied by psychological symptoms such as mood swings or eating disorders. If you recognize any of these symptoms, don't wait to see a healthcare professional.