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5 secrets about bodybuilding

Are you into bodybuilding? Nutrimuscle reveals 5 training secrets that will boost your results.
5 secrets sur la musculation

Are you into bodybuilding? Nutrimuscle reveals 5 training secrets that will boost your results.

1 - Respect the muscle length-tension relationship

The length-tension relationship depends on muscle size. The more it is stretched, the more it loses its ability to generate force, just like when it is shortened. Between these two extreme positions, the muscle can produce tension: this is the optimal length. The length of the muscle and its ability to generate force is called the length-tension relationship. It is all the more important during multi-joint exercises, because when one muscle is shortened, the other is lengthened. Under these conditions, the muscles generate more force. Basic exercises are therefore more effective than isolated exercises because the latter can only shorten the muscle. Muscles grow faster when trained to their optimal length.

2 - Lighter loads to avoid injuries

After a break of several weeks, it is essential to resume training with light loads. Muscle memory allows you to reach up to 80% of previously lifted load weight. However, it is recommended to start with loads of 50% of the weight previously lifted so as not to traumatize the muscles.

Don't neglect the warm-up. The muscles are no longer used to making an intensive effort and must be gradually mobilized. Finally, always end the workout with stretching.

3 - The absolute force theory

Absolute Strength Theory is ideal for beginners in bodybuilding. According to this theory, manipulating the weights close to your maximum strength triggers the progression.

During the first series at the maximum weight, it will be necessary to stop the effort at a repetition of the failure. A pyramid program allows you not to force too much during the sets and to give 100% only during the heavier sets.

This method allows beginners to gain muscle strength quickly, although it is more aggressive on the joints.

4 - Bodybuilding and longevity

According to a study conducted on 30,000 subjects, bodybuilding would make it possible to live longer. Indeed, among the many benefits of weight training, it strengthens muscles, bones, and reduces the risk of many chronic diseases (diabetes, degenerative diseases, osteoporosis).

Strength training is highly recommended for older people. Muscle wasting and the presence of free radicals in the environment accelerate old age. The practice of this sport encourages the body to produce antioxidants to fight against aging.

5 - Crossfit to develop muscles

Incorporate crossfit workouts into your strength training routine. Crossfit is a sport that mobilizes many physical skills and meets all objectives. It allows you to work on cardio, power, coordination, strength, flexibility and agility.

CrossFit is a sport that mobilizes all members. Good preparation is necessary beforehand, especially for beginners. It is not recommended for the elderly due to its intensity and speed.

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