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Leucine (L-Leucine)

  • Strong anabolic effect
  • Better recovery
  • Very good synergy with proteins
  • Facilitates digestion
  • Prevents catabolism during training
Essential amino acid for mass gain Find out more
  • Muscle gain
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  • Recovery
  • Powder
  • 300 g
  • 750 g
Optimal consumption date: 03/2024
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Dosage: Take 5 g (10 scoops) before and during a training session.
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Take 5 g (10 scoops) before and during a training session.

What is Leucine?

L-leucine is an essential amino acid because it is not produced by the body and must therefore be provided through diet and supplementation.
L-leucine stimulates the synthesis of muscle proteins (natural anabolic effect). It reduces the rate of muscle protein damage (anti-catabolic effect),
Nutrimuscle L-leucine increases the level of leucine in the blood and in the muscles, which will inhibit catabolism and increase strength and muscle resistance.

What are the benefits of Nutrimuscle's Leucine?

Muscle gain
Leucine is the most effective amino acid for muscle mass gain.

Better recovery
Nutrimuscle's leucine compensates for losses endured during training, all while strengthening the anabolic response and thus recovery after sport.
For further details on the benefits of Nutrimuscle leucine, visit the Find out more section.

Proteins contribute to the development and maintenance of muscle mass.


Ingredients of Nutrimuscle's Leucine

L-Leucine... and absolutely nothing else!

Nutritional values of Nutrimuscle's Leucine

Nutritional values per 100 g

  • Protein : 0g
  • Carbohydrates : 0g
  • Fat: 0g
  • Calories : 400 kcal

Nutritional composition of Nutrimuscle's Leucine

100 g5 g
Proteins0 g0 g
Carbohydrates0 g0 g
Fat0 g0 g
Calories400 kcal20 kcal
1672 kJ
83,6 kJ

Usage tips

Who is Nutrimuscle Leucine for?

Nutrimuscle leucine is for:
Athletes, to improve their muscle mass gain and recovery after exercise.

When should I take Nutrimuscle leucine?

Before a training session
Taking 5 g of Nutrimuscle L-leucine 30 minutes ahead of exertion increases the level of leucine in the blood and muscles, which in turn fights catabolism and increases strength and muscle resistance.

During a training session
Drink 1 g of Nutrimuscle L-leucine every 15 to 20 minutes with your (maltodextrin and/or dextrose) carbohydrate drink throughout your session in order to prevent fatigue and catabolism and to significantly increase muscle congestion.
After a training session
Scientific research shows that strengthening your whey protein with L-leucine just after a weight training session increases anabolic response by 60%, while slowing down catabolism by 24% compared to using whey alone.
Between meals
Take 1 to 5 g of Nutrimuscle L-leucine every 2 to 3 hours in addition to meals and protein supplementation to accelerate your recovery and muscle anabolism.

How do I take Nutrimuscle Leucine?

Take Nutrimuscle Leucine diluted in your bottle of sweetened room-temperature mineral water.

Mixing with other Nutrimuscle products

Synergies between supplements
Nutrimuscle leucine improves the assimilation of carnitine and creatine.

Adverse reactions between supplements
Nutrimuscle leucine should be used with caution in conjunction with potassium bicarbonate.

Scientific references

(1) Link LF. The STEDMAN project: biophysical, biochemical and metabolic effects of a behavioral weight loss intervention during weight loss, maintenance, and regain. OMICS. 2009 Feb;13(1):21. - (2) Jitomir J. Leucine for retention of lean mass on a hypocaloric diet. J Med Food. 2008 Dec;11(4):606-9.

Find out more

Purity of raw materials guaranteed

The amino acid L-leucine is obtained from goose feathers that are hydrolysed, filtered, and centrifuged. The feathers come from birds intended for use in the food industry. Therefore, it is not derived from human hair, pig hair, or transgenic soy fermentation (GMOs), and it has not been treated with ionising radiation.

Quality products

No chemical or genetic manipulation

Nutrimuscle L-leucine has not been treated with ionising radiation. Indeed, what matters most to us is the quality of the raw materials, your health and the results you will obtain by using our nutritional supplements.

This quality is essential for amino acids such as Nutrimuscle leucine that you consume often (every day or even several times a day) and in significant quantities.

Benefits of Leucine Nutrimuscle in more detail

L-Leucine is the most stimulating amino acid for muscle growth. It belongs to the family of essential amino acids, those for which the body does not possess the enzymes necessary for their manufacture. Only diet and/or supplementation can provide the body with the leucine it needs. The powerful action of L-Leucine Nutrimuscle is explained by a triple mechanism:

  • L-Leucine Nutrimuscle stimulates muscle protein synthesis (natural anabolic effect),
  • L-Leucine Nutrimuscle reduces the rate of muscle protein breakdown (anti-catabolic effect),
  • L-Leucine Nutrimuscle works in synergy with protein powder supplements, which increases their building efficiency.

During a muscle building session, muscle leucine stores are destroyed during the energy cycle. Decreases in leucine levels of around 20% are recorded during intense training. This depletion phenomenon explains why muscle anabolism stops during exercise and catabolism soars.

Supplementation with Nutrimuscle L-Leucine helps to compensate for these losses while strengthening the anabolic response and therefore recovery after training.

Proteins contribute to the development and maintenance of muscle mass.

Scientific references

(1) Anthony TG. AMPing down leucine action in skeletal muscle. J Nutr. 2008 Dec;138(12):2307-8. - (2) Takashige K. Effect Of Branched-chain Amino Acid Supplementation On Muscle Soreness During Intensive Training Program. Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise2005 37(5) Supplement May p S43. - (3) Mero A. Effect of strength training session on plasma amino acid concentration following oral ingestion of leucine, BCAAs or glutamine in men. Eur J Appl Physiol. 2009 Jan;105(2):215-23.

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