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Citrulline (L-citrulline base)

  • BioKyowa® L-Citrulline: Expert Japanese manufacturing
  • Plant-based amino acid
  • Promotes anabolism and muscle congestion
  • Boosts NO and sexual functioning
  • Malate-free, GMO-free, allergen-free
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Dosage: Take 4 capsules per day with room-temperature mineral water.
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Take 4 capsules per day with room-temperature mineral water.

Take 3g per day (or 1 teaspoon) with room-temperature mineral water.

What is citrulline?

L-citrulline is a protein-free semi-essential amino acid. Citrulline is said to be non-protein, because unlike other classic amino acids, food does not tend to provide citrulline.
Only watermelon offers a little (about 1 g per kilo).
Consequently, all our citrulline has to be synthesised from the intestinal destruction of various other amino acids such as glutamine and arginine. On the other hand, in the kidneys, citrulline is largely converted into arginine.

What are the benefits of citrulline?

A unique natural anabolic effect
Citrulline is the second most directly anabolic amino acid for muscle cells.
Cardiovascular and immune health
Citrulline is an important amino acid in support of human immune activity: it improves blood circulation and strengthens cardiovascular health.
Sexual enhancement
Citrulline, in particular thanks to its indirect effect on the production of NO, makes it possible to compensate for deficiencies or even boost sexual stamina in men who do not suffer from erectile dysfunction.
For further details on the benefits of Nutrimuscle L-citrulline base, visit the Find out more section.


Ingredients of Nutrimuscle's Citrulline

L-citrulline base powder:

  • L-citrulline base.

L-citrulline base capsules:

  • L-citrulline base
  • Beef gelatin capsule.

Nutritional values of Nutrimuscle's Citrulline

Nutritional values per 100 g : 

  • protein : 100g
  • Carbohydrates : 0g
  • Fat: 0g
  • Calories : 400 kcal

3 scoops contain 3 g of L-citrulline base.
4 capsules contain 3 g of L-citrulline base.

Nutritional composition of Nutrimuscle's Citrulline

100 g1 capsule3 g4 capsules
Proteins100 g0,75 g
3 g3 g
Carbohydrates0 g0 g
0 g0 g
Fat0 g0 g
0 g0 g
Calories400 kcal3 kcal
12 kcal12 kcal
1672 kJ
12,5 kJ
50 kJ50 kJ
  • 1 capsule contains 0.75 g of L-Citrulline Base.
  • 4 capsules contain 3 g of L-Citrulline Base. 

Usage tips

Who is Nutrimuscle L-citrulline base for?

Nutrimuscle L-citrulline base is for:

  • Athletes, for its anabolic effect on muscles
  • Inactive people, for its multiple general health benefits or as a sexual enhancer

When should I take Nutrimuscle L-citrulline base?

The short lifespan of citrulline in the blood suggests that this amino acid should be used at least twice a day (1.5 g in the morning + 1.5 g in the evening) in order to obtain a constant elevation in the blood and thus increase the anabolic response to training and/or sexual functioning.

How do I take Nutrimuscle L-citrulline base?

3 g of Nutrimuscle L-citrulline base is considered an effective dosage. For example, men and women were given varying doses of L-citrulline for 7 days (1). Taking 1.5 g of Nutrimuscle L-citrulline base has the same effect as taking 3.2 g of Nutrimuscle L-arginine base on your blood arginine level. However, 3 g of Nutrimuscle L-citrulline base per day is required to achieve an increase in NO production.
If your main goal is congestion, use Nutrimuscle L-citrulline base, in conjunction with Nutrimuscle L-arginine base if possible.
Some people respond quickly to the vasodilator effects of citrulline
, but this is not the case for everyone. It takes 3 weeks of daily use of Nutrimuscle L-citrulline base to determine the individual effectiveness of this amino acid, especially as a sexual enhancer.

Side effects of citrulline
The studies report no side effects from moderate doses of citrulline. At high doses (more than 10 g), some digestive problems were reported.

Mixing with other Nutrimuscle products

Synergies between supplements
There is a synergy between Nutrimuscle's L-citrulline base and the L-arginine base that maximises the secretion of NO. Arginase is an enzyme found in the digestive system, liver, and vascular walls. As its name suggests, it is responsible for destroying arginine (34). It prevents the arginine that we absorb (as food or a supplement) from making it into the bloodstream. It also blocks arginine from transforming into NO due to its presence in your vessels. Another consequence of this overproduction of arginase is a greater difficulty in achieving an erection.

On the other hand, physical activity multiplies the effect of this arginine destroyer by six (19). Paradoxically, taking arginine increases arginase activity, which can minimise the effectiveness of arginine supplementation. On the contrary, citrulline reduces arginase activity (36). A synergy is thus created between these two amino acids to facilitate anabolism, congestion, and erectile function.

Adverse reactions between supplements
No known negative interactions with other supplements.

Scientific references

  • (1) Schwedhelm E. Pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic properties of oral L-Citrulline and L-Arginine: impact on nitric oxide metabolism. Br J Clin Pharmacol. 2008 Jan;65(1):51-9.

Find out more

History of Citrulline

Scientists long thought that citrulline was only a metabolic intermediary with little physiological influence (2). In other words, for glutamine to convert to arginine, you have to go through an intermediate step, which is the conversion of glutamine into citrulline; then, the kidneys convert citrulline into arginine. But citrulline by itself was not presumed to have any effect on our bodies.
It was in 1985 that researchers noted that blocking the intracellular production of citrulline inhibited the growth of animals (3). Reverse experiments were then carried out, in which rats were fed half their usual diet for 12 weeks, with or without citrulline supplementation (3). Muscular anabolism remained twice as high in rats receiving citrulline than in those subjected to calorie restriction alone. In the end, with citrulline, the muscles ended up 40% bigger (4). This anabolic effect of citrulline was then confirmed in humans (5-6-7-8-9).

Effects of citrulline
Taking citrulline increases arginine levels in the same way as taking L-arginine directly (12-13). Arginine supplements are partially deteriorated by digestion, which is not the case with citrulline (14). The latter benefits from almost perfect absorption.
With oral consumption, losses of citrulline via urine are minimal, which proves that the body's absorption and retention capacities are excellent, even at high doses (15). Therefore, 3 to 6 g of citrulline can double the level of arginine in the blood (16). This property of citrulline gives it the status of an indirect but very efficient booster of NO (nitrogen monoxide) production. NO is a gas produced by the blood vessels that facilitates circulation in the muscles, which increases oxygenation and congestion.
These two properties of citrulline explain why it is used both as a pre-workout booster and as a sexual enhancer and has a particularly good synergy with arginine.

Citrulline and NO
Sporting activity induces a decrease in the level of citrulline in the blood (19-20). For example, after physical exertion, citrulline levels collapse by almost 50%, indicating that intense sporting activity increases our need for citrulline, but the body doesn't respond to this increased demand by increasing the rate of conversion of glutamine or arginine to citrulline (21).
One of the reasons why exercise consumes citrulline is because it forces the body to produce more NO, which in turn wastes citrulline (19). Whether we are athletic or feeling unwell, paradoxically, it is at times when we have an increased need for citrulline that our body starts to produce less of it (28). The only way to counteract this decline is to supplement with Nutrimuscle L-citrulline base. So, you can take control of your blood citrulline level without being dependent on your metabolism.

Purity of raw materials guaranteed

It's rare for consumers to have access to the names of the suppliers of the raw materials that go into the supplements they consume. However, this is essential to ensure product traceability.
L-citrulline base is a form of pure L-citrulline. At Nutrimuscle, we use only the very best L-citrulline, the quality of which is guaranteed by the Japanese leader in pharmaceutical biotechnology, BioKyowa Inc. BioKyowa Inc. is HACCP and ISO9001 certified and has specialised in the production of pure amino acids for over 30 years. What matters most to us is the quality of the raw materials, your health, and the results you achieve using our nutritional supplements. This quality is essential for amino acids such as Nutrimuscle's L-citrulline base, which is intended for frequent consumption (every day or even several times a day) in large quantities.

Scientific references

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