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Cold seasons and sport: how to stay motivated?

Change of time, drop in temperature, winter fatigue… The cold seasons have a great influence on our physical and mental state, which can lead to desertions from sports halls. But, where exactly does this loss of winter motivation come from and how to overcome it? 
Saisons froides et sport : comment garder la motivation ?

Change of time, drop in temperature, winter fatigue… The cold seasons have a great influence on our physical and mental state, which can lead to desertions from sports halls. But, where exactly does this loss of winter motivation come from and how to overcome it? 


  • Where does the loss of motivation come from in winter? 
  • Tips for staying motivated 
  • Food supplements to alleviate fatigue and maintain motivation 


Understand where the loss of motivation comes from 

It is very common to have a drop in motivation, the key is to understand where it comes from. This can be due to moral fatigue, personal problems, a gloomy environment or even poor nutrition. Once the source has been identified, the problem can be remedied more quickly. 

Loss of motivation can come from general fatigue linked to external factors. When we enter a cold period, it is often the rhythm of a new life that begins to tire us, that of “metro-work-sleep”. Going to work when it is dark and coming back when the sun has gone down is very depressing for the mind. The absence of sun, outings and other feelings of freedom also affect morale. Cold spells weaken the body, requiring more effort from it to retain its heat, which can tire it out more quickly. Following a too long or too violent exposure to the cold, one can therefore feel great fatigue. 

This sudden change in motivation can also be explained by internal factors such as generalized stress due to work or a poor lifestyle. Sleep is disturbed, the body is deficient in micronutrients or the immune defenses are low. Excessive training can also be harmful: indeed, overtraining causes muscular but also mental fatigue. It can happen that we are disappointed with our performance, which can lead to a loss of motivation, for lack of results. 


Tips for staying motivated 

It is important to remember that sport is beneficial to health from a purely chemical point of view. After 30 minutes of physical exercise, endorphins are released by the body and activate the reward circuit. Sport is therefore not to be neglected in winter. Here are some tips to apply to avoid missing training and spend the winter serenely. 

Organize your sleep well : Sleep is something to watch out for. According to CENAS, an adult should sleep between 7 and 9 hours a night. The first few hours being the most restorative, prepare for quiet time to prepare the body for a good night's sleep by limiting exercise and screens two hours before bedtime. Also limit sleeping in: these should not exceed one more hour of sleep so as not to upset the internal clock. 

 The body, exposed daily to the cold, gets tired more quickly. One can experience soporific effects following too long exposure to cold. Sleeping with socks warms the extremities of your body and facilitates the body's work, which tends to retain heat in vital organs. 

Watch your diet: It must be as balanced as possible, rich in vitamins and minerals. Fruits and vegetables should be an integral part of your diet. Be creative and try new recipes! If you are lacking inspiration, Nutrimuscle's Instagram account offers easy-to-make and energizing recipes. 

Get some fresh air: be on the lookout for the slightest ray of sunshine. Exposure to the sun for 10 minutes is enough to synthesize a decent amount of vitamin D. In addition, according to researchers from Monash University, spending time outdoors helps reduce symptoms related to depression, guarantees a better mood and better quality of sleep. 

Organize your schedule: Create a schedule and set training times on a regular basis. By managing this time with work, you will no longer have the excuse of finding something else to do than going to training at the scheduled times. Early in the morning, at lunch break or in the evening, these hours must be determined and your day must be organized taking them into account. Define your sports goals: take a notebook and write down the date as well as all the data you want to follow. This will motivate you to see your evolution and make your efforts a reality. 


Supplements to alleviate fatigue and maintain motivation 

Two ways of consuming food supplements are possible: as a cure or as a booster. The cures are very strongly recommended during the winter periods because the body tends to lack vitamins and minerals. Depending on your needs, you can refer to the article "Food supplements to fight fatigue" . 



The most common products to carry out a cure during the winter are Multivitamins and Multiminerals. 

Taking a course of Multivitamins helps to fight against catabolism and fatigue, protects the physical integrity of athletes, strengthens immune defenses and allows faster muscle recovery.  

As for Multiminerals, they protect the immune system thanks to their antioxidant effects, prevent kidney stones and fight against mineral deficiencies, eliminated by sweating. 


There are also products targeting specific needs such as Vitamin D (the most common deficiency during the winter) or Women's immune health , enriched with iron to fight against the lack due to menstrual periods. 



The boosters are to be used before training or any other physical effort. Their action will be short-lived and do not make up for the lack of vitamins or minerals. They only allow you to give impetus to the body while avoiding too violent an energy landing. Here are some examples of boosters: 

Natural caffeine : it is the most powerful booster to push back your limits in strength and endurance sports, to improve your physical performance and stimulate your intellectual capacities. Caffeine also helps accelerate and enhance fat loss. There is also its organic counterpart, Green Caffeine bio extract . 

Organic Guarana : Guarana is an almost immediate booster with a long-lasting effect. It protects the nervous system and the brain from degeneration. It is also an excellent fat burner. 


Loss of motivation is very common during cold seasons. Be indulgent with yourself and keep in mind that there are ways to overcome seasonal fatigue. All these means should allow you to keep the desire to practice sport and pursue your goals. 


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