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Vitamin D Quali®D

  • Pharmaceutical-grade vitamin D
  • Produced by DSM in Switzerland
  • Helps maintain bone mass
  • Improves your immune system
  • Synergy with multivitamins
Pure vitamin D to strengthen the immune system Find out more
  • Bone structure
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  • Immunity
  • Longevity
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Optimal consumption date: 08/2023
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Dosage: Take 1 per day.
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Take 1 Nutrimuscle Quali®-D vitamin D capsule per day.

Why choose Nutrimuscle's Quali®-D Vitamin D?

Vitamin D Quali®-D is a pharmaceutical-grade vitamin D produced by the European brand DSM, which is HACCP and ISO9001 certified. DSM has been manufacturing vitamins for over 75 years, and one of its specialities is 'high-tech' proteins such as PeptoPro®.

The DSM laboratory is also responsible for manufacturing our Quali-C Vitamin C, as well as the vitamins found in our Nutrimuscle Multivitamins.
We are therefore a long way from the dangerous generic counterfeits made in China in factories far removed from benchmark pharmaceutical standards.

Choosing Nutrimuscle Quali®-D Vitamin D guarantees you:

  • A high vitamin D concentration
  • An unspoiled vitamin D
  • A pure vitamin
  • Openness and honesty with regard to the origins of the vitamin

What is Vitamin D?

It's a fat-soluble vitamin. In contrast with so-called water-soluble vitamins, which mix with water, vitamin D and other fat-soluble vitamins mix with fat as you absorb them.

People limiting their calorie intake and paying particular attention to fat consumption are at risk of deficiency in this type of vitamin. Fortunately, the advantage is that they are more easily stored by our bodies, which helps to fight against some of the deficits. Vitamin D:

  • Contributes to the correct application of calcium and magnesium in particular for the maintenance of bone health and good muscle functioning.
  • Contributes to the effectiveness of your immune response.

What are the benefits of Vitamin D?

Fight against major Vitamin D deficiencies

Numerous medical and scientific analyses such as the SU. VI. study (Supplémentation en VItamines et Minéraux AntioXydants - antioxidant vitamin and mineral supplementation) highlights the fact that a significant proportion of French people have difficulty satisfying their body's minimum vitamin requirements.

A study by CREDOC has shown that more than 82% of French people do not attain their minimum vitamin D needs and are also more than 32% deficient in vitamin C, 25% in vitamin E, and 21% in vitamin B9 (1).

Increased performance for athletes

Cortisol is a hormone that has two negative effects on our muscles. On one hand, it accelerates protein catabolism, and on the other hand it prevents our muscles from recovering and growing as a result of its anti-anabolic effect. And the bad news doesn't stop there: cortisol also causes a drop in testosterone levels.

Unfortunately, this is linked to the intensity of your training, which rapidly increases cortisol levels. It is therefore important for an athlete looking to make rapid progress to take action against the rise of this hormone. Vitamin D intake is associated with an increase in testosterone secretion and a decrease in myostatin, which is a catabolic hormone for our muscles (2 - 3 - 4).

A study has shown that vitamin D supplementation in athletes compared to a placebo increased thigh strength by 5kg compared to 2kg for those on the placebo in just four weeks (5).

Statistical analyses also show that progression is always faster with high rather than medium levels of vitamin D (6).

Vitamin D: the longevity vitamin!

Since its discovery as a vitamin at the beginning of the 20th century and as early as the end of the 18th century for its beneficial effects on our bodies, vitamin D is now famous in the scientific community as a longevity vitamin (7 - 8 - 9).
Research has been grouped together to give us a clearer picture of this subject: an initial group of several studies carried out over a period of 8 years highlighted the increasing mortality risks for men and women with normal vitamin D levels (28ng per ml of blood) of:

  • 24% for people with an average level (19ng/ml).
  • 53% for people with a low level (10ng/ml).
  • 108% for people with a very low level (7ng/ml) (10).

On the other hand, it has been found that over a period of 6 years, men and women taking daily supplements of 400 to 800 IU of vitamin D experienced an 8% reduction in mortality.

Our dosage of Nutrimuscle Quali®-D Vitamin D3 corresponds to 2000 IU of Vitamin D.

Vitamin D aids fat loss

Many scientific studies show that the underlying effect of our vitamin intake is that it also regulates our body-fat percentage. Research conducted individually on each vitamin over the years has largely revealed the interaction between vitamins and the long-term regulation of our weight, and it especially highlights vitamin D, which stands out for its effectiveness compared to other vitamins.

For women, 12 weeks of vitamin D supplementation resulted in a 2.7kg weight loss compared to only 500g for those taking the placebo (11).

Similarly, when restricting calories, the higher your vitamin D intake, the greater your fat loss will be (12).

Although all the effects of vitamin D have yet to be fully understood, this vitamin plays a role in increasing basic metabolism, as well as in boosting fat oxidation (13 - 14).

It is also noted that inactive and non-athletic people who regularly consume vitamin supplements have a basic metabolism 4% more efficient than those who don't take supplements. This explains why people who take daily vitamins including vitamin D are leaner than others, with, on average, 4kg less fat (15).

Supplementation is also beneficial when you're dieting Taking vitamins allows for better maintenance of your basic metabolism, preventing the collapse usually experienced when restricting calories.

This translates into greater fat loss results after a 26-week diet with multivitamin supplementation compared to a placebo (54).

1. Vitamin D strengthens muscle function and contributes to a healthy immune system.

2. Vitamin D helps to ensure the absorption/functioning of calcium and phosphorus.

3. Vitamin D contributes to bone health, dental health and proper muscle function.


Ingredients of Nutrimuscle's Quali®-D Vitamin D

Vitamin D in capsules:

  • Inulin Frutafit® HD
  • Vitamin D3 Quali®-D cholecalciferol (D3)
  • Vegetarian HPMC capsule and water.

Nutrimuscle vegetarian capsules
100% vegetable cellulose 
Gelatin free
GMO free
No preservatives 
Allergen free
Sugar free
Starch free

Nutritional values of Nutrimuscle's Quali®-D Vitamin D

Nutritional composition per 100 g:

  • Protein 0 g
  • Fat 0 g
  • Carbohydrates 0 g
  • Calories 0 kcal
  • BCAA 0 g

Nutritional composition of Nutrimuscle's Quali®-D Vitamin D

1 capsuleAJR*
Vitamin D3 Quali-D 50 mcg1000%

1 capsule contains 2000IU of Quali®-D vitamin D -

Usage tips

Who is Nutrimuscle vitamin D for?

Nutrimuscle Quali®-D vitamin D is for:

  • Athletes, who need more vitamin D than inactive people
  • Inactive people, for its positive effect on bone mass and to protect against the decrease in bone density that occurs with age and the associated risk of fractures

When should I take Nutrimuscle vitamin D?

In the morning with breakfast is best.

How do I take Nutrimuscle Vitamin D?

As vitamins work on a long-term basis, it is best to take extended courses of treatment for as long as you are training intensively.
Short treatments of just a few weeks are not really appropriate.

Interactions with other Nutrimuscle products

Synergies between supplements

While vitamins are indded essential nutrients for your health, so is omega 3.

There is also a healthy synergy when you combine the regular use of vitamins, including vitamin D, with the regular use of omega 3. This is what medical research has shown, particularly with regard to the prevention of heart disease and the strengthening of the immune system. The combined consumption of vitamin D and omega 3 is more effective than the use of just one of these two dietary supplements (2). Such a synergy is also noted among athletes with regard to the fight against the harmful effects of free radicals (3).

Several studies show that the association of vitamin D and milk protein can have positive effects:

  • on weight loss, particularly in relation to the better absorption of calcium through vitamin D consumption (4)
  • on strength, especially among senior citizens (5)

Adverse reactions between supplements

There are no known adverse reactions between vitamin D and other supplements.

Scientific references

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Find out more

Guaranteed purity of raw materials

A pharmaceutical-grade vitamin made in Switzerland
DSM, which most notably manufactures the leading ultra-rapid-assimilation casein hydrolysate Peptopro fresh, has also been producing vitamins for more than 75 years. DSM has become the undisputed world leader in the production of high-quality vitamins.

Nutrimuscle has chosen DSM as its supplier of pharmaceutical-grade vitamins, which are HACCP and ISO9001 certified and, above all, made in Europe. As a reminder, DSM also manufactures our Quali-C vitamin C as well as the vitamins in our Nutrimuscle multivitamins.

We are therefore a long way from the dangerous generic counterfeits made in China in factories far removed from benchmark pharmaceutical standards.

What makes vitamin D Quali-D exceptional?

Choosing Vitamin D Quali®-D Nutrimuscle is the guarantee:

  1. Well-dosed vitamin D: The most common abnormality is the gross underdosing of vitamins. It is not uncommon to see differences ranging from minus 20 to minus 70% between what is advertised on the label and what the tests actually show. These differences are especially obvious for vitamins A, B and vitamin D.
  2. From an uncontaminated vitamin D: the problem of contamination comes back frequently, it concerns the contamination of vitamins linked in large part to the production methods of producers. Vitamins D are particularly affected by this problem and contamination by heavy metals such as lead is common, hence the importance of having consumer access to the producer’s certificates of analysis.
  3. From a pure vitamin: as a sealant, the extreme compression of the tablets during manufacture, in particular the crushing produced by the machines, can be so extreme that the tablet passes through the entire digestive system as it is like a stone without being absorbed there and therefore assimilated. In the form of capsules, there are anti-caking agents such as magnesium stearate and silicon dioxide, which allows machines to pour the powder very quickly and easily into the capsules.
  4. From a vitamin that does not cheat on its origin: some labels of unscrupulous retailers play with words in order to deceive consumers. We find in particular the mention "made in France" quite often when the potting is done in France while the vitamins come directly from China and are bought at very low prices. We can add to these remarks, the lack of transparency as to the origin of the raw materials as well as the absence of certificate of analysis.

Nutrimuscle provides certificates of analysis for all its supplements as well as for its Quali®-D vitamin D in order to guarantee that the announced dosages are those that consumers receive, as well as their origin (DSM) in order to guarantee the traceability of the materials. raw. Nutrimuscle also fights the harmful use of anti-caking agents in capsules, by mechanically putting its powders in the capsules of Nutrimuscle products, to guarantee a very clear list of ingredients and without unnecessary products.

1. Vitamin D strengthens muscle function and contributes to a healthy immune system.

2. Vitamin D helps to ensure the absorption/functioning of calcium and phosphorus.

3. Vitamin D contributes to bone health, dental health and proper muscle function.

Scientific references

  • (1) Rozhkova EA. [Comparative study of the effect of vitamax, synergin and alpha-tocopherol on physical endurance of highly trained athletes]. Eksp Klin Farmakol. 2003 Jan-Feb;66(1):64-6.
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Certificates and studies



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