MCT organic powder


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  • 100 % naturalOrganic, vegan, palm oil without
  • Fatty loss
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Focus on the product

Focus on the product


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Take 10 g in 100 ml of water.

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MCT (Triglycerides medium-chain) or TCM (medium chain triglycerides) are quickly absorbable fats, known to enter directly to the mitochondria (cell breathing) in order to be converted to energy thanks to Beta-oxidation.

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  • Take 10 g in 100 ml of water.

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Good to know

The MCT provides energy while burning fat.

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What the product does

What the product does

What the product does

Help following a ketogenic diet

MCT organic powder is a source of caprylic acid (C8) and capric acid (C10) derived at 100% coconut. Our MCT oil helps adopt a ketogenic diet also called the "Keto. »»

The "Keto diet" consists in consuming more good graissouts by reducing the carbohydrate intake, in order to achieve a nutritional decetosis. This allows the body to draw directly from the fat reserves and burn them in order to produce energy.

Organic MCT powder increases ketone bodies to stimulate the production of ketones thus supporting your ketogenic diet. This will thus stimulate your body's capacities to burn fat and calories [2,3,4].

Provides energy to the body

Middle chain triglycerides are digestible, quickly absorbable constituting an excellent source of energy and promoting the use by the body of fat as fuel.

The caprylic acid contained in the MCT organic powder also exerts an antifungal action by helping to fight infections due to a proliferation of fungi [6,7,8].


Everything about this product

Interaction with other Nutrimuscle products

  • You can associate the MCT organic powder with the fat burner which improves the effects on the combustion of fats while protecting the health of the liver.

  • No notable antagonisms


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  • As consumers of our products, we favor traceability and transparency for our producers and supplements.

    The MCT Bio Nutrimuscle powder comes from our bioriginal supplier, a world leader in the supply of complete nutritional solutions with more than 25 years of expertise. Bioriginal undertakes to respect quality, transparency and innovation.

    Organic MCT powder is 100% natural with ingredients from organic farming. It is also guaranteed without GMOs, palm oil, gluten -free and suitable for vegetarian and vegan diets.

Benefits of MCT MCT Bio Nutrimuscle

  • MCT organic powder is rich in C8 caprylic acid, a very digestible fatty acid compared to others allowing better efficiency and not suffering from stomach aches after use.

  • Organic MCT powder helps production of ketones, a good source of energy for the brain. Its contribution limits the cerebral energy deficit and improves concentration and memory. Studies have focused on the effectiveness of the medium chain triglycerides in the brain and memory, in compensation for carbohydrates, in people with Alzheimer's disease and dementia [9, 10].

Who is the product for?

  • Organic MCT powder is ideal for people wishing to optimize their dryer or weight loss. It is an ideal ally to help people according to a ketogenic diet.

    The MCT organic powder is also suitable for people who encounter difficulties to digest or metabolize fat (malabsorption problems).

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