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Hazelnut Spread

  • 100% organic and natural
  • Gluten free, palm oil free, GMO free
  • Suitable for vegan diet
  • 60% less sugar
Our delicious low-sugar, palm oil-free spread Find out more
  • Delicious
  • Chocolate Hazelnut
  • 200 g
Optimal consumption date: 03/2024
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Toasts, pancakes, cooking recipes... Our Organic Hazelnut Spread is ideal for preparing a nutritious, simple and tasty snack.

Reminder: If you do not practice any physical activity, you need about 2350 calories per day. When you are active or doing sports, you need about 2650 calories per day. If you practice a sport very regularly, you need about 3250 calories.

For 100 g, our choco-nut spread contains 43.90 g of fat and is equivalent to 597 calories (kcal).

According to ANSES*, the recommended proportion of lipids in energy intake is 35 to 40%. This range makes it possible to ensure coverage of essential and essential fatty acid requirements and takes into account the prevention of pathologies. Thus, for an athlete, it is recommended not to exceed 87 to 90 grams of fat per day, or about 800 calories (kcal).

*National Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health Safety

Why choose Nutrimuscle's Organic Hazelnut Spread?

At Nutrimuscle, all of our products meet the highest quality standards:

  • no GMOs
  • no chemical treatment
  • total traceability and quality of ingredients

Our Organic Hazelnut Spread is no exception. It is certified :

  • organic (biological agriculture)
  • gluten-free
  • palm oil-free
  • 100% vegan
  • no GMOs, no processing

Our Organic Hazelnut Spread is as delicious as it is healthy: 100% of the ingredients are from quality organic farming. It is rich in proteins, in good lipids and contains 54% of organic nut butter.

Our Organic Hazelnut Spread provides a calorie and energy intake that is suitable for any time of your day. In addition, its melting texture makes it tasty in the mouth. On toast, bread or even with a spoon, it is a simple and effective gourmet break.

What are the benefits of Nutrimuscle's Organic Hazelnut Spread?

Healthy and tasty calorie and energy intake

Our Organic Hazelnut Spread is 100% natural and vegan. It is a nourishing, healthy, tasty and easy to spread ingredient or to use in your healthy recipes.

Our Organic Hazelnut Spread is also a carbohydrates source, it provides energy all along the day and helps easily increase your caloric intake.

Helps support a long effort

Our Organic Hazelnut Spread contains organic hazelnut buter, an excellent source of good lipids, essentials for the organism and physical performances. Lipids have an important energy role and are stored in fat tissue in the form of triglycerides. A lipid molecule provides during the effort 3 to 5 times more energy than a glucose molecule. That is why, our spread is perfect during long efforts.

Rich in proteins

Our Organic Hazelnut Spread contains 11g of plant proteins that contributes to muscle mass growth and keeping.

Helps control weight

Our Organic Hazelnut Spread is an interesting alternative to industrial spreads rich in sugar and palm oil. Nutrimuscle's spread is 100% natural and contains sugars in the form of organic coconut sugar, with a low glycemic index (between 35 and 55). Coconut sugar is an alternative to white sugar (glycemic index between 65 and 70). Plus, coconut sugar is naturally high in nutrients and antioxidants. Antioxidants are active compounds that participate in the elimination of free radicals.

Proteins contribute to the development and maintenance of muscle mass.


Ingredients of Nutrimuscle's Organic Hazelnut Spread

  • Organic hazelnut butter (54%)
  • Organic coconut sugar (22%)
  • Organic coconut milk powder (14%)
  • Organic cocoa powder (10%)

Nutritional values of Nutrimuscle's Organic Hazelnut Spread

Nutritional values for 100 g

  • Proteins: 11,6 g
  • Carbohydrates: 41,2 g
  • Lipids: 43,9 g
  • Calories: 597 kcal
  • Fibres: 4,79 g

Nutritional composition of Nutrimuscle's Organic Hazelnut Spread

Proteins11,69 G
Carbohydrates41,23 G (with 22,72g of sugar)
Lipids43,90 G (with 8,77 g of saturated fatty acids)
Calories597 KCAL
Energy2479 KJ
Salt0,07 G
Fibres4,79 G

Usage tips

Who is Nutrimuscle's Organic Hazelnut Spread?

Our Organic Hazelnut Spread is for people with muscular developement goal, wishing increase their daily intake in good fats and low glycemic carbohydrates.

When to take Nutrimuscle's Organic Hazelnut Spread?

Our Organic Hazelnut Spread blends itself perfectly in each time of your day, in the morning, before or after your trainin, the evening... It's up to you. 


Once open, keep the jar closed in a dry place protected from heat.

Interactions with other products

For even more deliciousness and energy, you can use our Organic Hazelnut Spread as toping for your pancakes.

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Guaranteed purity of raw materials

At Nutrimuscle we only use quality, traceable and pure ingredients. Our Organic Hazelnut Spread is made in compliance with organic farming standards.

Proteins contribute to the development and maintenance of muscle mass.


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