At Nutrimuscle, we are Consumers and bodybuilding practitioners above all.

It is by realizing that on the food supplement market, all possible methods are used to deceive the Consumer that Nutrimuscle has decided to dismantle the vast campaign of misinformation on which too many sellers thrive.

Our objective: to give power back to the Consumer through the sharing of information and knowledge of products and their manufacturing.

Our desire: to transform the supplements market by giving all the useful keys to the Consumer so that they can make their purchasing decision without being fooled by the big marketing tricks.

Everything you need to know can be found on our site

At Nutrimuscle, to ensure our mission of demystifying the food supplement market, we have built our Brand as a platform for advice and information. Our product sheets, our blog articles, our forum, our podcasts and our "live" are there to guide the athlete in all the stages of their supplementation!

Our suppliers: total traceability

The basis of any good product is the raw material used. It then makes sense to inform the Consumer where it comes from and who produced it. At Nutrimuscle, unlike resellers who have every interest in hiding where their “low-cost” powder comes from, we communicate the names of all our suppliers. As a Consumer ourselves, providing access to this information is obvious.

In 27 years of existence, Nutrimuscle has built up unique expertise in the supplement market, particularly with regard to "sourcing" and the choice of suppliers. Indeed, we constantly keep up to date with the latest scientific studies and new advances in manufacturing methods. This is how we are able to identify and select the best suppliers.

Our products: every detail counts

You won't find product sheets as detailed as at Nutrimuscle anywhere else. Always in a Consumer logic, we want to provide athletes wishing to supplement themselves with all the elements that will allow them to make the right choice.

Thus, for each of our products, you will find details on its manufacturing method, its degree of purity, the presence (if such is the case) of allergens, the absence of GMOs and a biological explanation on the nature of the complement.

In addition, in order to allow you to choose the supplement that corresponds to your objectives, we detail in our product sheets the different benefits that the latter has.

We also support you in the successful implementation of your supplementation by providing you with our advice for use on: dosage, "timing" and recurrence of doses, the possible induction of undesirable effects and synergies with other supplements for more efficiency.

At Nutrimuscle, we hide nothing from you, we tell you everything. And we are not trying to hide reality like some sellers who never run out of tricks to deceive the Consumer.

This is why the protein contents indicated in the nutritional composition of Nutrimuscle native whey protein are expressed for 40g, 100g or 120g of powder in the packaging, that is to say what you will actually consume. (unlike the “protein on dry extract” values ​​communicated by producers).

Our aminograms are also designed to show you in complete transparency the value of the amino acids that will be provided to you.

Our knowledge: the choice of transmission

Our desire, at Nutrimuscle, is to eliminate the practices of certain producers and sellers to generate profit at the expense of quality. This is so that the Consumer can navigate a market without traps and tricks.

To ensure that the market aligns with our quality criteria, we alert the athlete via our blog articles, our podcasts or our "live" on certain little-known techniques in the industry which are more aimed at the profitability of the company as the health of the Consumer.

We also pass on our knowledge of what makes a supplement quality and shed light on what the production quality standards should be for the entire market.

Finally, at Nutrimuscle, we also tell you what we don't sell and why.

We always start from a Consumer logic. So we never offer a product just because it is “in fashion”.

Our priority is and will always be quality, efficiency and the health of the athlete.