Everything you need to know about vitamin D

Tout savoir sur la vitamine D

Everything you need to know about vitamin D

According to ANSES, more than 70% of the adult French population in 2019 had vitamin D deficiency and a case of deficiency in nearly 7% of cases. The symptoms can be very violent, this vitamin being essential for the proper functioning of the human body....
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Nutrimuscle and COVID-19: MASS will win!

Guest: Michael Gundill In this new podcast, we detail how we organize ourselves at Nutrimuscle to deal with COVID-19 , and the measures put in place to ensure our customers the quality of service that is dear to us. In short, we answer all the questions you ask yourself during this period of confinement!

Lighting on Ubiquinol (Coenzyme Q10) 2/3

Guests: Michael Gundill & Kaneka In this second part, the discussion will focus on the effects of Ubiquinol and its benefits for the athlete.

New food supplements 2019 and ongoing developments

Guest: Michael Gundill In this episode we invite Michael Gundill for a discussion centered on the new products that we would like to see in the Nutrimuscle range and the developments in progress...

Insight into N-Acetyl-Glucosamine

Guests: Michael Gundill & Kaneka In this last part of our exchanges with Kaneka , we provide additional information on Ubiquinol (Coenzyme Q10) and discuss N-Acetyl-Glucosamine in detail: its method of manufacture, what differentiates it from Glucosamine Sulfate and the effects produced by this supplement.

Lighting on Ubiquinol (Coenzyme Q10) 1/3

Guests: Michael Gundill & Kaneka To deepen our knowledge and shed more precise light on Kaneka's Ubiquinol , in this first part we ask questions relating to the company, its manufacturing methods, and the difference between the forms of coenzyme Q10 available.

The return of PEPTOPRO! The scam of failed lots...

Guest: Michael Gundill This casein hydrolyzate appeared for a few years at Nutrimuscle before we took the decision to withdraw it from our shop in early 2017 due to the supplier's inability to offer ultra-fresh batches for sale, to the benefit of oldest batches. Following many twists and turns, we have reached an agreement which will be explained in this podcast, and detail a little known but frequent practice of manufacturers concerning their "failed batches".

Glycerol, Nutriaromes and Introduction to Ubiquinol Coenzyme Q10

Guest: Michael Gundill In this podcast, we tackle the subject of Glycerol , Nutriaromas and discuss a new product made by Kaneka, Ubiquinol (Coenzyme Q10) which we will detail in more depth with the supplier and which will be the subject of a new podcast.

The story of Nutrimuscle (2/2), the real Milk & Egg

Guest: Michael Gundill In this episode we share the rest of Nutrimuscle's story. We also discuss the setting up of test groups, based on a selection of Nutrimuscle customers, which help us improve products before they are marketed. And so we will present the latest innovation from Nutrimuscle: the real Milk & Egg . - What? Mixing milk and eggs, you call that an innovation? - Well listen to the podcast and we'll talk about it!

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#12 Hey Coach: what supplements to take during training?

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