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Recipe: Buckwheat and feta muffins

Discover our delicious recipe for savory buckwheat and feta muffins!
Nos recettes
Recette : Muffins sarrasin et fêta

📖 Ingredients for 5 muffins⁣⁠:⁠
120g buckwheat flour @nutrimuscle ⁣⁠
1/2 packet of baking powder⁣⁠
30g cornstarch⁣⁠
150g grated zucchini⁣⁠
50g diced feta⁣⁠
10ml olive oil⁣⁠
100ml milk⁣⁠
1 egg⁣⁠
Seasoning: Herbes de Provence, Espelette pepper, salt.⁣⁠
Cherry tomatoes for decoration.⁣⁠
🥄 Steps:⁣⁠
1- Mix the egg, milk, olive oil, Provence herbs and Espelette pepper.⁣⁠
2- Add the grated zucchini, powdered buckwheat, cornstarch, salt and yeast.⁣⁠
3- Add the diced feta and mix well.⁣⁠
4- Pour the batter into a previously oiled muffin tin, add the cherry tomatoes and⁣⁠
bake for 25min at 200°C.⁣⁠
5- Leave to cool completely before unmolding.⁣⁠
📊 Nutritional values:⁣⁠
Lipids: 6g⁣⁠
Carbohydrates: 22g⁣⁠
Protein: 9g⁣⁠

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