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Recipe: gluten-free sweet potato cookies

Discover our delicious recipe for sweet potato cookies!
Recette : biscuits sans gluten Ă  la patate douce


📖 Ingredients for 10 cookies:⁠

60g sweet potato flour⁠

50g coconut sugar⁠

50g almond powder⁠

70g almond butter⁠

70ml almond milk⁠

1 tsp vanilla extract⁠

1/2 tsp baking powder⁠

1 pinch of salt⁠

Frosting: 30g melted dark chocolate⁠


đŸ„„ Steps:⁠

1- Mix the sweet potato flour, the almond powder, the coconut sugar, the vanilla, the salt and the⁠

baking powder.⁠

2- Add the almond puree and the almond milk. Mix well until you get a paste⁠


3- Roll small pieces of dough between your hands to form balls.⁠

4- Place the balls on a baking sheet lined with baking paper. Flatten the balls using the⁠

back of a teaspoon.⁠

5- Bake for 20min at 180°C⁠

6- Using a teaspoon, spread some chocolate over the cooled cookies.⁠

Leave to set and enjoy!⁠


📊Nutritional values:⁠

132kcal / cookie⁠

Fat: 8g⁠

Carbs: 11g⁠

Protein: 4g⁠