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Recipe: chocolate-protein pancakes

Discover our recipe for chocolate-protein pancakes!
Recette : pancakes choco-protéinés

📖 Ingredients for 2 to 3 pancakes:⁠

- 50g (3 pods) Mix for cocoa pancakes
- 50ml of water⁠
- Toppings of your choice⁠

🥄 Steps:⁠

1- Pour the Nutrimuscle Cocoa Pancake Mix into a shaker or bowl.⁠
2- Add 50ml of warm water and mix until a mixture is obtained⁠
3- Over low heat, in a hot, oiled and heated skillet, cook⁠
cook the pancakes 1min on each side.⁠

📊 Nutritional values:⁠

172kcal per 50g serving⁠
Protein: 16.9g⁠
Carbs: 18.7g⁠
Fat: 2.6g⁠

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