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Food supplements for endurance

In running sports as well as in bodybuilding, endurance is an essential skill for progress. Dietary supplements can help build endurance to maximize performance.
Les compléments alimentaires pour l'endurance

In running sports as well as in bodybuilding, endurance is an essential skill for progress. Dietary supplements can help build endurance to maximize performance.


  • What is Stamina?
  • Why work on your endurance when doing bodybuilding?
  • Dietary supplements to improve endurance

What is Stamina?

Endurance is the body's ability to sustain prolonged or repeated physical exertion at moderate to high intensity. It involves the ability of the cardiovascular and muscular system to supply oxygen to the muscles, to use energy efficiently and to eliminate metabolic waste. Endurance training aims to improve this ability through cardiovascular exercise and a gradual progression of exercise intensity and duration.

Why work on your endurance when doing bodybuilding?

It is wrongly thought that bodybuilding and endurance are two elements to be dissociated. However, endurance is also found in the practice of bodybuilding, and the athlete has every interest in working on his endurance to maximize his sports performance.

Good endurance allows for better recovery between sets and workouts. The athlete can maintain their goals throughout training and train more frequently. Therefore, endurance further stimulates the muscles and promotes their growth.

As part of weight loss, it is ideal to work on your endurance. In this way, the body will be better able to maintain cardiovascular effort and will draw its energy from fat stores. In this way, fat mass is reduced and muscles are more easily developed.

In order to reduce the risk of injury during training, the athlete has every interest in developing his endurance. Enduring muscles are able to maintain rhythm and technique, which prevents overwork and fatigue-related injuries.

It is therefore important to include endurance exercises in your strength training program, whether in the form of cardio training or high-intensity circuit training. This will help you build a solid foundation of muscular endurance, which aids your progress in strength, muscle size and overall fitness

Food supplements for endurance

A supplementation plan can help build endurance. among the food supplements essential to the practice of an endurance sport we find:

Carbohydrates :

As mentioned earlier, carbohydrates will be essential for increasing energy stores and for speeding up recovery. Cluster dextrin , sweet potato , BCAAs and native whey minimize muscle destruction and delay fatigue.

Multivitamins and multiminerals:

The intake of multivitamins and multiminerals is strongly recommended, the latter being evacuated by perspiration. Endurance athletes are the most affected by vitamin and mineral deficiencies, which cause muscle inflammation and aches.


Collagen supplementation is also recommended to protect the joints. Depending on the needs and background, collagen I or II will be more suitable. To find out which collagen to use, we invite you to read our dedicated article on the subject.

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