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The guide to dietary supplements for energy

Dietary supplements designed for slow and prolonged energy consist mainly of carbohydrates and lipids. Both contribute to maintaining the athlete's effort during training, but do not act in the same way.
Le guide des compléments alimentaires pour l’énergie

Dietary supplements designed for slow and prolonged energy consist mainly of carbohydrates and lipids. Both contribute to maintaining the athlete's effort during training, but do not act in the same way.

Contents :

  1. Carbohydrates: main source of energy
  2. Lipids: an alternative source of energy

Carbohydrates: main source of energy

In order to fulfill its functions, the body needs an energy supply, coming from the degradation of organic molecules. Carbohydrates play a particularly important role in energy production: they help form ATP (adenosine triphosphate), a molecule useful for several cellular processes. In the form of glycogen, they are stored in limited quantities in the body. It is therefore essential to regularly renew your carbohydrate reserves in order to limit the onset of fatigue during physical exertion.

Cluster Dextrin: Cluster Dextrin® is a type of ultra-fast absorbing carbohydrate that comes from waxy corn starch. The cluster releases energy effectively and for a long time during exercise: its contribution raises the level of glycogen in the body.

Waxy maize: Waxy Maise is a very fast source of energy for your workouts, made from glucose polymers (from waxy maize). Indeed, thanks to its very high molecular mass, it benefits from a glycogen resynthesis speed twice as fast.

Organic Rolled Oats : Rolled oats are a low glycemic index (40) carbohydrate that helps provide pre-workout energy. They provide the body with super-fibers called beta-glucans, vitamins and minerals and release slow and prolonged energy. Ideal before your training, their intake prepares the body for the intensity of the effort.

Organic Barley Flakes : Barley flakes are carbohydrates that provide slow energy. Low in calories, rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals, they are the ideal food to prepare well for a training session. Thanks to their low glycemic index (45), barley flakes do not cause excessive blood sugar levels to rise.

Organic Buckwheat Flakes: Buckwheat flakes are carbohydrates with a low to moderate glycemic index (around 50). Their contribution contributes to stimulate the energy of the sportsman before training but also helps with the recovery and the muscular growth.

Organic sweet potato powder: Sweet potato powder is made up of 75% carbohydrates. Therefore, it is an excellent source of energy before training. Thanks to its high fiber content, which slows down the absorption of carbohydrates, its glycemic index is low to moderate (46 to 60). Its benefits are therefore diffused slowly, and its energetic effects continue throughout the effort.

Carbohydrate bar: The carbohydrate bar is made from natural ingredients rich in carbohydrates. It is a simple, fast and greedy source of energy. The carbohydrate bar is ideal before or after training, in order to recharge your batteries.

Lipids: an alternative source of energy

The body first uses its carbohydrate reserves, but when they are exhausted it is possible to use lipids as an alternative source. This type of scenario mainly occurs in the event of fasting, calorie restriction or even a ketogenic diet . It is the ketone bodies, synthesized by the degradation of fatty acids, which will then participate in the supply of energy needs.

Organic Whole Peanut Butter & Organic Whole Almond Butter : Nutrimuscle butters are made from 100% natural and nourishing ingredients that allow you to increase your fatty acid intake easily and in a gourmet way . Very rich in good lipids and vitamins, butters provide energy and tone on training days.

Organic chocolate-hazelnut spread : The chocolate-hazelnut spread is a real source of carbohydrates (41.2 G per 100 G) and good lipids (43.9 G). Thus, it brings energy to the body effectively, throughout the day. Its richness in lipids makes it possible to provide optimal physical performance by supporting a long-term effort.

Organic ghee butter: Ghee butter is a fat that can replace traditional oil or butter. Very rich in medium chain fatty acids (TMC), vitamins and Omega-3, ghee butter contributes to energy metabolism.

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