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In Nuts We Trust: the new tool to decipher food supplements

In Nuts We Trust : le nouvel outil pour décrypter les compléments alimentaires

In this article, we want to highlight a new initiative helping to bring more transparency to the dietary supplement market. Are you athletic and looking for a dietary supplement that takes your goals into account, takes care of your health, respects the environment and is part of a virtuous approach?

The IN NUTS WE TRUST website offers a free tool, the ScanNuts . It helps you to decipher the information behind the food supplements and helps you to better choose your food supplements (according to your objectives, environmental criteria and of course the quality of the composition).

ScanNuts, what is it?

ScanNuts is a tool designed by Benjamin and Hugo, two friends, one an agricultural engineer, specialist and consultant in strategy, the other an engineer from the territorial public service, a specialist in mapping applied to territories.

ScanNuts is based on a open methodology and continuously enriched by numerous scientific studies and new regulations.

The tool is in the form of a database, dynamic and illustrated allowing you to have a global view of your favorite food supplements.

ScanNuts then allows you to:

  • Locate yourself in the myriad of existing food supplements on the market
  • Show you the best possible alternative to achieve your sporting goals
  • Guide you towards really useful and healthy products
  • Consciously consume in a more ethical and healthy way for your body and the environment

ScanNuts, how does it work?

In Nuts We Trust defines 4 main categories to judge a food supplement: health, ecology, social, nutritional.

  • Health: transformation index, cardiovascular risk, risk of diabetes, digestive and neurological disorders, etc.
  • Ecology: bioaccumulation, carbon footprint, environmental alerts, recyclability, labels etc...
  • Social: societal impacts, geographical origin and ethical label, transparency on transformation processes, societal perceptions, regulatory alerts, responsible communication, etc.
  • Nutrition: antinutritional factors, amount of sugar, Nutri-Score, concentration of saturated fatty acids, satiety factor, etc.

Depending on the information provided in each of these categories, the whole makes it possible to obtain a score in order to indicate to you whether the product is part of a virtuous approach and respects your health:

  • Maximum score: Golden nut
  • silver nut
  • Bronze Nut
  • Minimum Score: Coal Nut

At Nutrimuscle, we are convinced that all initiatives to bring more transparency and quality to the market of food supplements for athletes are essential to create a virtuous ecosystem.

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