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Food and supplements after training

Food and post-workout supplements facilitate muscle and nerve recovery but also optimize the efforts of your session. For this, there are several kinds: proteins, amino acids, minerals... how do you know which food and post-workout supplement you need? We tell you everything in this guide.
L'alimentation et les compléments après l'entraînement

Food and post-workout supplements facilitate muscle and nerve recovery but also optimize the efforts of your session. For this, there are several kinds: proteins, amino acids, minerals... how do you know which food and post-workout supplement you need? We tell you everything in this guide.

Contents :

  1. Foods to take after your workout

  2. Supplements to take after training

Foods to take after your workout

Whatever the goal in mind, the choice of your diet after the session is particularly important. Indeed, it is essential to facilitate muscle recovery and regeneration. The stock of carbohydrates must be the first to be replenished because the capacity for assimilation after exercise is very high. This is why the intake of fast carbohydrates is first recommended in order to recharge glycogen. Protein intake after training is also very important: it helps protein synthesis and limits the catabolism and breakdown of muscle proteins.

Example of foods to eat after physical exertion:

Snack right after exercise :

Oats, fruit, Greek yogurt/protein shake, fruit, oats/spread and fruit.

Lunch / Dinner after exercise :

Minced meat, brown rice, peppers and red beans, drizzle of olive oil.

Supplements to take after training

After my session

In a situation of muscle catabolism after exercise, the body needs certain nutrients in order to rebuild itself. Immediately after the session, you have approximately 45 minutes to take advantage of the "metabolic window" in order to switch from catabolism to anabolism. For this, the intake of proteins, amino acids and easily assimilated carbohydrates is recommended. These nutrients will allow the body to initiate the recovery process and allow tissue repair.


The Post workout isolate blend is ideal in this situation since it will optimize recovery, restore glycogen stocks and limit inflammation. All this, thanks to the synergy of its many ingredients including Native Whey Isolate and BCAAs. These will prevent catabolism and the loss of the benefits of your training.

Musclewhey : Musclewhey is a combination of native whey and native whey isolate that allows easy digestion. This is why its intake is ideal after training and before a meal because the proteins will allow recovery without being too heavy on the stomach. This protein improves muscle anabolism and helps build muscle.

Musclewhegg: Musclewhegg is an egg white protein, which provides a satiety effect because it is digested more slowly than native whey. Its contribution allows on the one hand to take part in the rapid muscular anabolism and on the other hand, to release in a prolonged way amino acids contained in the egg.

Amino acids

BCAA builders 4.1.1 : BCAA builders are a mixture of essential amino acids (cannot be synthesized by the body): Leucine, Isoleucine, Valine. They fully stimulate muscle reconstruction thanks to the overdose of Leucine. Their contribution contributes to compensate for the losses of amino acids during the training and thus, allow a better recovery after your training. It is advisable to take the version of BCAA builders when you are over 35, since the assimilation of Leucine decreases from this age.

BCAA Resistance 2.1.2: Resistance BCAAs have the role of limiting catabolism (loss of muscle) and fatigue that occur after training thanks to an overdose of valine and leucine. In order to benefit from all its benefits after training, it is recommended to take resistance BCAAs throughout the effort in order to prevent the risk of poor recovery.

Creatine: Creatine taken post-workout helps prevent muscle wasting. In addition, its contribution helps regenerate ATP (energy) stores in brain cells after training.


Cluster Dextrin: Cluster Dextrin is an ultra-fast assimilation carbohydrate that releases energy quickly. Taken after your workout, it helps speed up your recovery time.

Finally, in order to restore energy quickly and easily, a protein or energy bar is the ideal solution that can be consumed at any time.

Protein Bar: Protein bars provide your needed protein intake right after your workout. They contain 30% protein from our Native Whey Isolate and are quickly assimilated by your body and your muscles.

Carbohydrate bar : Carbohydrate bars are a simple and natural snack thanks to the dates they contain. Their contribution allows you to quickly bring you a boost of energy and vitality after exercise.

In the evening (with meals)

In addition to your amino acids and your proteins, a carbohydrate intake is also recommended. It is best if these are low glycemic carbohydrates such as powdered sweet potato or oatmeal.

Fibers and carbohydrates

Oat flakes: Taking oat flakes in the evening or before bedtime helps to speed up muscle recovery and limit its catabolism. The flakes are best taken with a protein shaker.

Barley flakes: Always in addition to whey protein, barley flakes support energy and muscle recovery. They are recommended to improve post-workout anabolism.

Sweet potato: Low glycemic index carbohydrates such as sweet potato are a very good source of energy that releases slowly after training. In synergy with protein, its contribution maximizes your muscle anabolism.


Peanut butter: Peanut butter is a significant caloric intake that provides a boost of energy thanks to its richness in polyunsaturated fatty acids (omega 6). Additionally, peanut butter is a natural plant-based protein source (22.5%) that helps diversify your protein intake to enable post-workout muscle anabolism.

Almond butter: The recommended share of lipids in the daily energy intake is 35 to 40%. Almond butter helps provide some of that need while being nutritious and healthy. It is ideal on training days because it restores your nutrient stocks (proteins, lipids, fibres, magnesium, vitamin E).


Magnesium : Magnesium citrate combines two active molecules for athletes: citrate and magnesium. It is best to take magnesium with meals, as proteins and carbohydrates improve its assimilation. Magnesium promotes relaxation and sleep by reducing stress.

Potassium Citrate: Potassium citrate is an alkaline mineral useful for several functions in the body. It promotes recovery by participating in the proper functioning of muscles and the body in general.


Natural Bio Burner: The Natural Bio Burner is a blend of green tea and yerba mate with restful properties. Taken after training, it promotes a return to calm thanks to the relaxation of the muscles. By causing relaxation and calming of the body, the Natural bio burner contributes to muscular and nervous recovery. In addition, its action facilitates falling asleep and promotes restful sleep.

At bedtime/before sleep

Recovery during sleep is a very important step. This is when your body and your muscles can finally recover from the exertions produced during the day. Good sleep is synonymous with good recovery but also with good sports results.


ZMB : ZMB Pidolates is a supplement that contains magnesium, zinc and vitamin B6. Its action allows athletes to promote muscle and nerve recovery after a day of training. In addition, its properties provide relaxing effects that help promote sleep.

ZMP : ZMP is a supplement that contains two ingredients: Pido Magnesium® and Pido-Zinc®. These two minerals act perfectly in synergy to allow physical and nervous recovery. ZMP is an alternative version of ZMB, except that it does not contain vitamin B6, as this can cause some people to have quite restless sleep.


Diet Protein blend : If you are an athlete and want to take the Diet Protein Blend in addition to your usual protein for training: we advise you to take the Diet Protein Blend once in the morning and once at bedtime. The Diet Protein blend is a mixture of Total Proteins, Nutri-Fibres, Carnitine, Glutamine and Taurine. All these elements act in synergy to facilitate recovery.

Native Whey Isolate: Native Whey Isolate is a very rich, fast-absorbing protein, ideal for muscle and physical recovery. Taken just before going to bed, Isolate limits nocturnal catabolism by replacing it with a powerful anabolism.

Micellar Casein Isolate: Micellar Casein Isolate is a very slow absorbing protein ideal for overnight recovery. Its intake before going to bed prevents proteolysis (protein decomposition process).


Yerba Mate: Yerba Mate is a plant rich in mateine ​​and polyphenols. Its action is above all relaxing since it promotes a return to calm after training. By contributing to the relaxation of the muscles and the body, yerba mate facilitates recovery and improves sleep. Indeed, muscles contracted and tense after exercise have more difficulty in recovering.

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