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Night Recovery Protein Blend


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  • Probiotics and prebiotics
  • Optimizes recovery
  • Digestive comfort
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Focus on the product

Focus on the product

Timing and the quantity of your Night Recovery Protein Blend must be adapted according to your need and your goal.

if you want to develop your lean mass and your next meal following your training is Quite distant (training at the start of the morning or afternoon). Having resorted to a shaker after your training is a very good idea.

contrario, if you take a solid meal just after your training, the use of the Night Recovery Protein Blend will then allow you to reach your quota Daily protein. We then recommend that you take a shaker during your snacks.

Avoid chlorinated water because it would destroy part of the bacillus coagulans.

All studies

dilute 20 g per day in 25 cl of milk or water.

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Before falling asleep

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Avec biotiques Avec lactase Kéto Pesco-végétarien Sans gluten Végétarien

Our Night Recovery Protein Blend is a mixture specially designed to optimize muscle, joint and nerve recovery during the night.

Our blend contains total proteins (80% casein and 20% Whey), Peptide Peptid 1 collagen, glycine, creatine, l-glutamine, magnesium, zinc, lactium , prebiotics and probiotics.

After intense training, the body needs to recover in order to be able to support the same level of effort the next day. The night is the crucial moment when the body rests and regenerates. Poor sleep therefore leads to poor recovery.

The Night Recovery Protein Blend helps to reduce physical and mental fatigue The training tomorrows by contributing to muscle-nerve relaxation and promotes muscle reconstruction during the night.

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Total proteins (MPC 85)



Lactase (tolerase l)



Bacillus Coagulans (Ganeden BC 30)


belonging to the genus Bacillus, Bacillus Coagulans is a bacteria that produces lactic acid.

Single cocoa degree alkaline (organic) - PAF Corg 11

A lean cocoa is a cocoa in powder which contains 10 to 12% fat. Alcalanization makes it more soluble cocoa. Ingredient from organic farming.



Creatin Creapure


Creatine is an amino acid derivative which is naturally present in the body.

  • dilute 20 g per day in 25 cl of milk or water.

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    Before falling asleep

Good to know

Good recovery is essential to quickly return to training.

What the product does

What the product does

What the product does

Improved muscle recovery

Total proteins of the Night Recovery Protein Blend contain 80% casein and 20% of Whey. The slow digestion of casein provides muscles with all the amino acids they need to recover throughout the night.

Creatine optimizes physical recovery by minimizing muscle catabolism and promoting the storage of muscle glycogen.

Zinc pidolate contributes to better muscle recovery by stimulating protein synthesis.

The glutamine of the Night Recovery Protein Blend contributes to digestive comfort as well as to muscle construction.

Improvement of nervous and neuronal recovery

Zinc pidolates and magnesium contribute to the regeneration of the nervous system thanks to their relaxing and anti-stress properties. Creatine has protective effects on the nervous system and thus contributes to improving intellectual performance.


Everything about this product

Interaction with other Nutrimuscle products

  • To optimize joint and tendon recovery, we recommend that you take the Night Recovery Protein Blend with the articular Nutrimix. The Night Recovery Protein Blend is a mixture adapted to a night intake and is completely complementary to your usual protein.

  • The Night Recovery Protein Blend is not to be taken at the same time as potassium bicarbonate, this could cause digestive disorders. The Night Recovery Protein Blend is not to be taken with boosters (caffeine, tea, guarana).

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  • At Nutrimuscle, we only use very high -end proteins whose quality is guaranteed by global leaders: Ingredia produces total proteins of Nutrimuscle milk. Ingredia also produces lactium® Nutrimuscle.

    We use very high -end glutamine, the quality of which is guaranteed by the Japanese leader in pharmaceutical Biokingology Biokinga Inc. Biokingowa Inc, HACCP certified and ISO9001.

    At Nutrimuscle, we only use very high -end collagen peptides whose quality is guaranteed by the world leader in gelatin and collagen hydrolyzes: the Dutch group Rousselot © Certified HACCP and ISO9001. He has specialized in this branch since 1891.

    The crystallized nutrimuscle glycine does not use transformation substance based on GMOs and is suitable for vegetarians.

    alzchem AG produces creatine monohydrate ( CREAPURE®) Nutrimuscle in its HACCP and ISO9001 certified factory in Germany.

    The French group Solabia © Certified HACCP and ISO9001 produces pidolates of zinc and magnesium Nutrimuscle.

  • The total proteins that make up the Night Recovery Protein Blend, also called micellar proteins, represent a formidable technical advance in the proteins family to replace "casein". If we retrace the history of hyperprotein supplements, we realize that there has been a constant increase in their biological quality.

    The first proteins marketed appeared in the 1940s. They then contained soybeans. Very little digestible, soybeans were supplanted 10 years later by the calcium caseinate (which is commonly called casein but which, due to its artificial aggregation with calcium, did not digest very well). It was not until the 90s that the Whey popularized. Of quality much higher than the "casein", it quickly replaces it, which almost disappears. Nowadays, total milk proteins are imposed on their own thanks to their digestive qualities and their perfect complementarity with Whey.

    No chemical or genetic manipulation
    A simple chemical manipulation (called "instantaneization") makes it possible to transform poor quality, completely insoluble proteins into proteins that melt in water. At Nutrimuscle, we prefer to use quality proteins to avoid chemical processes. Total Nutrimuscle milk proteins are "non-insistant". Consequently, they do not contain transgenic soy lecithin (GMO) or carboxymethylcellulose, and have not undergone treatments based on ionizing radiation.

    Why are many protein treated by veal rennet?
    This manipulation comes during the manufacture of cheese. The rennet is essential to alter the molecular structure of milk proteins so that they become cheese. Technically, it is said that the rennet is used to flocular the casein part of milk. The latter is therefore contaminated by veal rennet while its amino acids were degraded during the reaction to transform milk into cheese.

    In Nutrimuscle, we only use noble matter for our total proteins. They come directly from milk by cold ultrafiltration. Thus, total Nutrimuscle milk proteins are therefore not treated with veal quailte. The integrity and quality of amino acids are therefore not altered, and no animal residue foreign to milk is present. Total proteins of Nutrimuscle milk therefore suit perfectly for vegetarians who want to be supplemented in protein.

Night Recovery Protein Blend Nutrimuscle benefits

  • To find out more about the benefits of the Night Recovery Protein Blend, we invite you to go to the pride sheets of all its ingredients:

    Total proteins
    Collagen Peptide Peptan® 1 > Glutamine
    crystallized glycine
    Creatine monohydrate creapure®
    magnesium pidolate
    zinc pidolate

    proteins contribute to development and maintenance of muscle mass .

Who is the product for?

  • The Night Recovery Protein Blend Nutrimuscle is addressed:

    To athletes wishing
    Better recover from their training and limit fatigue the next day,
    benefit from a good protein intake in the evening and have a better sleep.

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