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When to take creatine to optimize your performance?

The timing of taking a supplement can have a significant impact on its effects. It is important to know when to take a supplement based on your profile and your training routine.
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Quand prendre de la créatine pour optimiser vos performances ?

The timing of taking a supplement can have a significant impact on its effects. It is important to know when to take a supplement based on your profile and your training routine.


  • Long term or in cure?
  • Daily dosage
  • Times of the day to take creatine
  • Should I take creatine on rest days?
  • Creatine is an essential dietary supplement for all bodybuilding and strength sports practitioners. It has many benefits, including building muscle mass and improving performance. However, it is important to know when to consume creatine to maximize its effects.

    Long term or cure?

    In the past, it was recommended to take creatine in the form of a cure for 6 to 8 weeks, in order not to accustom the organism, to rest the renal activity and to guarantee its effectiveness.

    Today, scientific studies show that there is no downside to taking creatine daily, provided you respect the dosage. It is also wiser not to interrupt the catch because the stocks are empty and you then have to start from the beginning to replenish the stocks. On the other hand, in the context of weight loss (for example, before a competition), stopping taking it makes it possible to reduce the rate of water present in the muscles and, by extension, to lose weight.

    Creatine is made up of many amino acids that have a beneficial effect on the body. Continuous intake helps nourish the muscles over the long term and fill intramuscular reserves more quickly.

    Daily dosage

    The official recommendations for taking creatine are 3g/day, and 5g in the event of mass gain or explosive goals. If you choose capsules, Creatine Créapure Nutrimuscle should be taken 3 to 4 times during the day, dividing these intakes during meals and after training.

    Times of the day to take creatine

    Before training

    Pure creatine is not recommended before a workout as it has a hypoglycemic effect and can upset the digestive system. On the other hand, it present in a pre workout will be welcome.

    This type of product contains arginine and caffeine, necessary for exercise. The nutrients present in pre-workout work in synergy with creatine and reinforce its effects. It is therefore the best way to consume it before exercise to take advantage of all its benefits.

    Post workout

    It is highly recommended to take creatine after training. After the effort, the stocks present in the muscles are low and it is also the moment when the body is most receptive to the assimilation of food.

    Studies have shown that taking creatine post-workout is more effective in benefiting from its effects. An increase in muscle mass and strength was observed in athletes who took creatine after training, compared to those who took it before. It is therefore better absorbed when taken after training.

    It can also be consumed with certain carbohydrates such as maltodextrin or sweet potato flour. These promote the assimilation of creatine.

    Should I take creatine on rest days?

    As seen above, taking creatine continuously is more effective for muscle building. Its effects are noticeable in the long term. This can take several weeks and then you have to keep this level.

    Scientific studies show that post-workout recovery takes several days and that inflammatory markers are present up to 3 days after training. It is therefore recommended to take creatine daily, including on rest days, to nourish the muscle fibers and speed up the recovery process.

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