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High-protein breakfasts help you lose fat

Did you know ? High protein breakfasts help to lose fat. Nutrimuscle tells you all about it.
Nutrition santé
Les petits-déjeuners hyperprotéinés aident à perdre du gras

Did you know ? High-protein breakfasts help you lose fat. Nutrimuscle tells you everything on the subject.


High-protein breakfasts are beneficial for your health

Although the importance of breakfast is no longer in doubt, more and more so-called diet experts on the internet advise avoiding proteins in the morning. Here are additional scientific studies that completely challenge these fanciful claims.

For 12 weeks, overweight adolescents received a breakfast that provided either:

  • 35 g of high quality organic protein;
  • 13 g of high quality organic protein;
  • No breakfast at all.

Not eating breakfast increases the risk of diabetes (1-2).

On the contrary, a high-protein breakfast helps to better stabilize your blood sugar levels, while avoiding episodes of hyperglycemia. These blood sugar spikes recur throughout the day in people who have not eaten breakfast.

You must exceed an intake of 30 g of protein to fully benefit from all the health benefits of breakfast (1).

With only 13 g of protein at breakfast, individuals are hyperglycemic during. Hyperglycemia is a very harmful episode for our health, because excess sugar in the blood is toxic for all our cells. With 35 g of protein at breakfast, they only spend 24 minutes daily in hyperglycemia (1).

High-protein breakfasts help you lose fat

High-protein breakfasts help with weight loss because they prevent the secretion of hormones that increase appetite (3 – 4).

This effect is lasting throughout the day.

Ultimately, adolescents who regularly ate high-protein breakfasts lost weight because they ate less than the others. However, no one asked them to go on a diet or to be careful.

It was therefore quite naturally, without effort, that they obtained better control of their appetite thanks to proteins. After 12 weeks, only the group taking 35g of protein lost fat, while the other two groups gained it (3).

As part of weight loss, people are advised to consume more protein in the morning. However, anyone wishing to benefit from better concentration and better management of their diet has every interest in consuming protein at breakfast.

Protein ingestion promotes fat loss, limits cravings and, by extension, digestive activity. Snacking tends to put the body to sleep. Eliminating them helps increase concentration: this has good repercussions throughout the day.

What foods should you choose for breakfast?

As demonstrated above, a protein breakfast is much better than a sugary breakfast. France is the champion of breakfast saturated in fats and refined sugars. Less common, the savory breakfast has proven its many health benefits. Here are some protein ingredients to add first thing in the morning.

  • Peanut butter
  • Wholemeal bread
  • Eggs: fried or omelette
  • whey to mix in preparations (pancakes, bowl)
  • Greek yogurt / SKYR yogurt
  • oilseeds (nuts, almonds, dried fruits)
  • quality turkey or ham
  • goat cheese
  • oatmeal.

Examples of high protein breakfast

How to prepare a high-protein breakfast? First of all, it must be composed of raw and fresh foods, rich in fiber and amino acids.

Ban industrial, processed products, rich in bad fats and refined sugars. Turn to the most complete and natural forms of food possible (raw oatmeal, fresh fruit, quality meat). Choose the right sources of fats rich in omega 3 and omega 9.

To avoid any temptation, prepare your meals for the week in advance and only buy the ingredients necessary for your preparations. Without sources of sugars and fats available, it will be difficult for you to continue these bad eating habits.

Some breakfasts can be prepared in the evening for the morning, such as oatmeal or chia seed porridge. Under no circumstances skip this meal, which is the most important of the day.

  • A shaker of Whey
  • Protein pancakes
  • Seasonal fruits and sweetener (agave syrup, maple syrup, peanut butter) as a topping


  • A whey shake
  • fried eggs on two nice slices of wholemeal bread
  • Avocado and salmon toast


  • A shaker of Whey
  • Greek yogurt, protein muesli or oatmeal, with seasonal fruit and sweetener or dried fruit as a topping
  • turkey and goat cheese omelette

Find other protein recipes on Instagram or in our Recipes tab .

Scientific references

(1) Bauer LB. A pilot study examining the effects of consuming a high-protein vs normal-protein breakfast on free-living glycemic control in overweight/obese 'breakfast skipping' adolescents. International Journal of Obesity 2015 June.

(2) Alwattar AY. The effect of breakfast type and frequency of consumption on glycemic response in overweight/obese late adolescent girls. Eur J Clin Nutr. 2015 Aug;69(8):885-90.

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(4) Hoertel HA. A randomized crossover, pilot study examining the effects of a normal protein vs. high protein breakfast on food cravings and reward signals in overweight/obese “breakfast skipping”, late-adolescent girls. Nutr J. 2014 Aug 6;13:80.

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High-protein breakfasts help you lose fat

Did you know ? High protein breakfasts help to lose fat. Nutrimuscle tells you all about it.

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