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Which breakfast to improve your sports performances?

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According to French recommendations (PNNS) *, our breakfast alone should cover 25% of the energy needs that the body needs during the day. This first snack is all the more important for athletes, who expend more energy and strength.

Find out which nutrients to favor to progress and continue to enjoy your sport!

Breakfast, a crucial meal largely overlooked

A meal of 500 kilocalories on average is what the National Health Nutrition Plan recommends for the daily breakfast of an adult in France. However, we are still very few to meet this figure, mainly for a lack of time. Indeed, according to an IFOP [1] survey, 76% of French people regularly experience a feeling of hunger, often due to eating too light breakfast and only 13% of adults comply with the components of the recommendations.

Why do athletes need to adapt their breakfast?

Breakfast is essential for providing the energy necessary for our mental and physical capacities to function properly. Indeed, after a whole night our body has fasted at least eight hours and needs to recharge its batteries.

Breakfast is even more strategic for the athlete. Indeed, when practicing a regular sporting activity, the body and the nervous system constantly need to recover from the effort. In addition, an adapted nutritional plan is essential to achieve good performance in training and to progress physically.

If each athlete has more or less different macronutrient needs. On the other hand, there is a list of essential nutrients to be supplied to the body on a daily basis.

Essential nutrients to support your athletic progress

Carbohydrates, an essential source of energy

For starters, nothing better than a good dose of energy to get off on the right foot. But not with just any source of carbohydrate. This is because it is important to consume food with a low glycemic index as it will diffuse slower in the body and allow you to provide you with continuous energy.

Our tip: choose Oatmeal for example. Our Organic energy bars are also a practical and tasty solution to give you energy and vitality before an intense effort.

Proteins to build muscle mass

Proteins are central to the athlete's diet. Not surprisingly, breakfast should be high in protein in order to support your physical progress.

Indeed, it is the proteins that feed the muscles and thus support their growth. In addition, intense exertion leads to muscle damage. It is therefore essential to provide the muscles with amino acids thanks to the proteins in order to promote the reconstruction of muscle fibers.

A protein breakfast also has another advantage: providing you with a strong satiety effect. This allows you to feel more energetic during training but also to limit snacking and reduce hunger during the day [2].

Our tip: choosing your morning protein must be based on the timing of your workout.

If you want to work out right after breakfast, we recommend taking Whey Native or Whey Native Isolate. Indeed, they are very fast absorbing proteins, so they will not weigh on your stomach during your workout.

If you want to work out in the afternoon or evening, you can take a protein with Casein or an "Egg" protein. These are slowly assimilated proteins that provide a strong satiety effect. It is therefore better to take them away from training.

Vitamins and minerals to prevent fatigue

For the athlete, vitamin and mineral supplementation is an effective way to fight against deficiencies. The latter can be caused by regular training which causes oxidative stress and loss of micronutrients through sweating.

A daily supplement of vitamins and minerals during breakfast helps strengthen the immune system, promote good energy levels during training and promote better muscle recovery.

Our tips: choose fresh fruit in the morning. Complete your breakfast with a Multivitamin and a Multimineral to cover all your intake of vitamins and minerals important for the maintenance of physical and mental functions.

Omega 3s to reduce inflammation and aches

For athletes, aches are never welcome because they force to space training sessions. Omega 3s represent a solution to fight against inflammation, because they limit the damage caused by cytokines (immune factors produced by muscles during intense contractions).

However, the modern diet does not generally provide all of the recommended daily intake of omega 3. Supplementation with wild fish oil allows you to cover your intake, reduce the intensity of your muscle aches and benefit from the benefits of omega 3 on cardiovascular and brain health.

Our tip: complete your breakfast with Omega 3 in combination with peanut butter or almond butter. Omega 3s are better absorbed by your body in the presence of fat.

Our Peanut Butter and Almond Butter are a source of good lipids and complement the benefits of our Omega 3s.

Collagen to preserve your joints

Collagen is the protein that provides joints, muscles and tendons with their cohesion, strength and elasticity. It is also what allows to regenerate cartilages.

Unfortunately, the regular practice of sport intensifies the degradation of joint and tendon collagen. This can cause joints pain preventing you from progressing serenely in your sport.

Our tip: if you practice a sport that puts a strain on your joints. We recommend that you take Collagen in capsules or powder in complement of your breakfast. You can take it quite simply with water. 

*  National health nutrition plan / le Plan national nutrition santé (PNNS)

(1) Survey IFOP-ANPP - march 2011.

(2) Leidy H, Lepping R, Savage C, andal. Neural Responses to Visual Food Stimuli After a Normal vs. Higher Protein Breakfast in Breakfast-Skipping Teens: A Pilot fMRI Study. Obesity, 2011; DOI: 10.1038/oby.2011.108


Written on 12/23/2021 by Nutrimuscle Conseil
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