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Intra Workout Pack

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Contents of the pack: 1 Green Caffeine Bio Booster, 1 Musclepump and 1 Cluster Dextrin®.  

The ideal trio of supplements for more strength and endurance during training Find out more
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Cluster Dextrin®
Cluster Dextrin®

( Powder / 500 g )

Green Caffeine Bio Booster
Green Caffeine Bio Booster

( Capsules / 45 Capsules )

€64,85 €54,95
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Why choose the Intra Training Pack?

We have designed our Intra Training Pack with food supplements that act synergistically to help you :

  • improve your concentration
  • improve your strength and endurance
  • improve your muscle congestion

The Green Caffeine Bio Booster is made from organic coffee beans. This supplement ensures an effective level of caffeine to reduce the feeling of exertion and improve your concentration level.

Musclepump is a blend of amino acids to give you more energy during training, improve your strength and muscle congestion and delay the onset of fatigue.

Cluster Dextrin® is a fast-absorbing carbohydrate that does not weigh down your stomach during training and provides consistent energy to improve your endurance.

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Who is the Intra Training package for?

Nutrimuscle's MusclePump is designed for strength and endurance athletes who want to improve their performance.

Usage tips


Green Caffeine Bio Booster

1 capsule per day.


20 g per day.

Cluster Dextrin

40 g per day.

When should I take the Intra Training Pack products?

Before and during training: take one capsule of Green Caffein Bio Booster. Prepare a shaker (20 g of MusclePump + 40 g of Cluster Dextrin) with 500 ml to 1L of water. Drink the mixture gradually before and throughout your training.


Customers' opinions

Green Caffein Bio Booster



"A natural boost before training. For those who don't like to drink coffee or tea, it avoids stained teeth from heavy consumption."

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"I recently tested it with maximum satisfaction. It's just what I need to fight fatigue."

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Cluster Dextrin



"This product gives a good dose of energy for training. I consume it in pre and intra-workout and I am very satisfied with it"

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