Biological Green Tea


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  • Biological origin
  • Rich in antioxidants and catechins
  • Slimming virtues
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Focus on the product

Focus on the product

contains caffeine, not recommended for children, adolescents and pregnant or breastfeeding women (2 capsules contain 15.6 mg of caffeine). The grip outside the meals is not recommended.

All studies

Take 2 capsules per day during breakfast.

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Bio Kéto Pesco-végétarien Sans biotiques Sans caséine Sans gluten Sans lactose Vegan Végétarien

If green tea is said to be "green" it is that, unlike black tea, it is not fermented. Green tea is less rich in tea (caffeine): 2.5% against 3.5% for black tea. Its particularity is based on its wealth in catechins (12% against 2% for black tea). Catechins are the molecules which, with caffeine, contribute to the thermogenic and anti-grave action of green tea.

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Organic HPMC Capsules



The organic green


The particularity is based on its wealth in catechins, molecules which, with caffeine, contribute to thermogenic and anti-grave action of green tea.

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  • Take 2 capsules per day during breakfast.

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Good to know

Theine and caffeine are two identical molecules.

What the product does

What the product does

What the product does

Green tea anti-cancer action

Regular Green Tea Declaces the risks of many cancers, especially those of prostate in men and those in the breast, in women.

Rich in antioxidants

Green tea antioxidants have a triple role: health function, improvement in physical performance and anti-fat action.


Everything about this product

Interaction with other Nutrimuscle products

  • Nutrimuscle Biological Ceylon Tea reinforces the boosters and anti-grave effects of biological guarana and biological maté yerba.

  • Ceylon Biological Green Nutrimuscle is not to be taken at the same time as omega 3 in order to avoid preventing the right assimilation of these.


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  • It is rare to know the names of the suppliers of the raw materials of the supplements that we consume. However, it is essential in order to ensure the traceability of the product.

    At Nutrimuscle, we only use very high -end green tea whose quality is guaranteed.
    Guayapi Focusing on wild plants, picked by local tribes, respecting traditions. It is therefore an organic farming and certified without pesticide which preserves the environment.

    Guayapi respects the quality charters of numerous organic and fair trade certification organizations. We are far from intensive culture, chemical extraction and GMOs. Indeed, what matters primarily to us is the quality of raw materials, your health and the results you will get using our nutritional supplements.

Benefits of Green Tea Ceylon Biological Nutrimuscle

  • If green tea is said to be green it is that, unlike black tea, it is not fermented. Green tea is less rich in tea (caffeine): 2.5% against 3.5% for black tea. Its particularity is based on its richness in catechins (12% against 2% for black tea).

    the catechins are the molecules which, with caffeine, contribute to the thermogenic and anti-grave action of the green tea .

    Green tea shares some of the slimming effects of caffeine in:

    stimulating thermogenesis (waste of fatty calories in the form of heat);
    activating the mobilization and oxidation of the oxidation of fats.
    But green tea, also has clean effects, independent of those of caffeine in:

    inhibiting the caloric absorption of lipids and food sugars;
    reducing the secretion of Insulin (a hormone that promotes weight gain);
    acting directly on fat cells to prevent them from growing even to destroy them (1 - 2).
    These are the catechins that provide its effects Original with green tea. The latter therefore does not depend on its caffeine content to be effective as demonstrated by the following studies. Morning, noon and evening, men took green tea. The level of their calorie expenditure increased by 4% over 24 hours. This action even occurs with decaffeinated green tea which proves that it is not caffeine that gives tea this anti-fat property (3).

    Ultimately, these effects result in a loss fat. For 60 days, overweight people followed a light diet. In addition, they have received detaineed green tea or a placebo. With the latter, weight loss is 2kg against 5kg with tea (4).

    For 12 weeks, overweight men and women have taken green tea every night (bringing 583mg catechins). No regime has been prescribed. This regular grip of green tea induces an average fat loss of 2.3 kg against 500g for the placebo. The fatty melting is preferentially located around the size which decreases by 4.5% (4).

  • Regular green tea takes the risks of many cancers, in particular those of prostate in men and breasts, in women (6 to 12, to name a few of the most recent studies). The action of polyphenols is very specific. They only attack cancer cells, not to healthy cells (13).

    In cancer cells, polyphenols produce oxidative action at the mitochondria (energy power plant) which causes the death of the malignant cell. In healthy cells, on the contrary, polyphenols induce the opposite effect by protecting attacks from free radicals.

    Polyphenols also reduce the proliferation of blood vessels that irrigate cancer cells. By blocking their development, polyphenols samples cancer cells that die for lack of nutrients (13).

    Thus, green tea acts at all steps by preventing the appearance of cancer and reducing the proliferation of malignant cells once it is declared (14 to 20).

    : Reduction in cancer risk does not mean zero risk! You have to adapt your lifestyle by eating healthy and without excess, by practicing regular physical activity and eliminating risk factors (tobacco, alcohol, overweight, ...).

  • Another green benefit is that it helps prevent joint pain (5).

  • For 10 weeks, men with regular physical activity have received green tea daily (584mg of catechins). Compared to a placebo, the energy contribution of fats increased by 6% thanks to tea during an endurance effort.

    Green tea thus improves body capacities to use its own fats as fuel .

  • Green tea is particularly rich in antioxidants, mainly in epigallocatechine gallate (EGCG) (21). The EGCG not only protects our cells from an excess of oxidation induced by free radicals but it is also he which explains the slimming effects of green tea (22).

    antioxidants of tea Green thus produce a triple role: a health function, an improvement in physical performance and an anti-fat action (23).

    However, for better absorption of EGCG, medical research suggests using tea tea Green on an empty stomach. Indeed, the more food is eaten with its green tea, the more the assimilation of EGCGs will be reduced (24 - 25).

    caffeine contributes to the improvement of endurance physical, vigilance and concentration.

Who is the product for?

  • Ceylan Biological Nutrimuscle Green Tea is addressed:

    To athletes who wish to improve their endurance before training;
    to sedentary, in order to improve their daily life and their health. < /p>

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