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Whey Cheese: what some brands want to hide from you

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What you haven't been told but should know

Unfortunately, in the sports nutrition market, the information that consumers have a right to know is not provided by most brands.

And for good reason, some sellers of sports supplements have every interest in hiding the reality regarding the development of their proteins.

Indeed, what consumers often do not know is how the finished product they are going to ingest was obtained. When he buys his whey protein powder, he immediately thinks of milk protein and more specifically of a part of milk called whey. Moreover, the consumer, and he is right, imagines that his whey has been specially designed for sports use.

However, the reality is often quite different, as many protein vendors offer whey cheese derived from milk. And this is more than just a nuance. We explain to you:

A lot of protein is processed by calf rennet. This manipulation occurs during the manufacture of the cheese. Rennet is essential for altering the molecular structure of milk proteins so that they become cheese. Technically, rennet is said to be used to flocculate the casein part of milk.

The whey vendors then recover the waste that results from this chemical manipulation: the cheese whey derived from milk. Not only is the latter contaminated by calf rennet, but its amino acids are also degraded during the reaction of transformation of milk into cheese. But that's not all :

More and more proteins are contaminated with GMOs. The reason ? The opportunism of Brands who want to ride the "vegetarian friendly" wave.

Rennet, which is the enzyme used to ferment milk, used to come from the stomachs of animals. Nowadays, the cheese industry mainly uses synthetic rennet obtained by GMO fermentation.

Paradoxically, it is this type of GMO synthetic rennet that makes it possible to sell cheese or milk proteins to vegetarians since the rennet is no longer of animal origin.

In theory, we therefore believe that it seems healthier for the health, but in fact we add GMOs to our plate or shaker. This, of course, without being specified on the label.

Conclusion: The consumer ends up with a triturated whey, denatured due to completely unnecessary steps in the cheese factories. In addition, without knowing it, the consumer buys a product with contaminations that they would strongly reject if they were aware of their existence.

At Nutrimuscle, we only use noble material for our whey and our entire range of proteins

Nutrimuscle native whey proteins are not treated with calf abomasum. They come directly from milk, not cheese waste.

The integrity and the quality of the amino acids are therefore not altered and no animal residue foreign to the milk is present. Native Nutrimuscle proteins are therefore proteins that are perfectly suitable for vegetarians and all athletes who wish to supplement themselves with very high quality proteins.

Written on 12/24/2021 by Nutrimuscle Conseil
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