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Native Whey Isolate Taster Pack

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Contents of the pack: 5 Whey isolates (strawberry, mango, banana, chocolate and vanilla flavours).  

Want to find your favourite flavour? Discover them all in this pack! Find out more
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  • Muscle gain
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€49,75 €34,95
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Why choose our Native Whey Isolate Pack?

Want to find the perfect flavour with your Nutrimuscle Whey Isolate? We've put them all together in one pack in a discovery format to help you make your choice!

Our Native Whey Isolate is a direct milk protein, cold extracted to preserve the amino acids. Our Isolate has an excellent 90% protein content and is very low in fat. It is available in several flavours:

  • Chocolate
  • Vanilla
  • Strawberry
  • Banana
  • Mango

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Native Whey Isolate

40 g in 250ml to 500ml of water 2 to 3 times a day (total 80 g-120 g).

When should I take the products in the Native Whey Isolate Pack?

On training days

In the morning: take a shake (40g of Native Whey Isolate).

After training: take one shake (40g of Native Whey Isolate).

In the evening before bedtime: take a shake (40g of Native Whey Isolate).

You can however modulate the timing of your intake as long as you respect the dosage (1 intake after training and 2 intakes at two other times of the day).

On non-training days

In the morning: take a shaker (40 g of Native Whey Isolate).

In the evening before bedtime: take a shaker (40 g of Native Whey Isolate).

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Native Whey Isolate



"Very good quality native whey isolate with a chocolate taste. The foam is normal, especially without soy lecithin, but it is not a problem because it disappears after a minute or two. The chocolate taste is really nice with organic cocoa. Top quality, nothing like any whey tried so far!"

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