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Mistakes not to make during your cut

Do you want to embark on a cutting program to reveal your muscle mass? There are certain mistakes that should not be made and we are here to explain to you in detail the pitfalls in which you should not fall.
Les erreurs à ne pas faire durant sa sèche

Do you want to embark on a cutting program to reveal your muscle mass? There are certain mistakes that should not be made and we are here to explain to you in detail the pitfalls in which you should not fall.

Contents :

  • What is dryness?
  • The 5 mistakes not to make during a cut
  • Supplements to use to promote dryness

What is dryness?

The cut in bodybuilding is a technique that aims to reduce the amount of body fat while preserving the muscle mass acquired during your workouts. It usually involves a combination of diet, exercise, and dietary supplements to achieve the goal of fat reduction.
The purpose of the cut is to have a more defined and lean body. It's a common practice among bodybuilders looking to achieve a more aesthetically pleasing physique.
It's important to perform a cut responsibly and consult a healthcare professional or personal trainer for advice on how to do it safely and effectively.

The 5 mistakes not to make during the dry season

Do more reps with lighter weights in training

When you enter a period of calorie deficit, do not think that your training must completely change. Indeed, you can add cardio to have a higher caloric expenditure, but your training intensity must be as close as possible to that of a mass gain.
Obviously, with the fatigue of the deficit, your intensity must adapt to avoid injuries as much as possible. But favoring heavy weights rather than light weights already makes it possible to increase the intensity of the effort and to burn a maximum of calories.

Remove fat from your meal plan

This mistake is quite common and yet has a negative impact on the body. Lipids are hormone regulators and are essential for the body to function properly. Without fat, your training and recovery are hampered. Indeed, lipids help maintain normal hormonal levels such as testosterone, essential for muscle growth and recovery. They are also an essential source of energy to allow you to carry out qualitative training. Remember to reduce carbohydrates as a priority, and consume good quality lipids (oilseeds, omega 3, fatty fish, olive oil).

Not eating enough protein

Protein is very important to maintain your muscle mass and avoid catabolism, so it is essential to consume enough of it during your cut (about 2g of protein per kg of body weight). To avoid muscle loss, it is recommended to reduce your amounts of carbohydrates first, then your amounts of fat.
If cutting carbs and fat isn't enough to achieve your weight loss goal, you can add cardio to your workout routine to burn more calories.

Being too strict on the diet

Very often, practitioners drastically reduce calories from the start of their cutting, not letting their body adapt to the change in diet. Under these conditions, your loss of fat is accompanied by a loss of muscle. In addition to this demotivation linked to the loss of muscles, being too strict from the start on the diet quickly leads to abandonment, which is not the objective when you embark on a cut.

Use only fat burners

To think that fat burners are magic and that it is enough to take them to lose weight, without paying attention to your diet, is a mistake. They come to help you but will not have a positive impact if your diet is not optimal.
Plus, fat burners aren't the only supplements you can use to promote leanness. We will see which food supplements are useful during this period.
To find out more, you can refer to our article on how to succeed in your cut?

Food supplements to use to promote dryness

As seen above, fat burners aren't magic, and they're not the only supplements that can be useful for cutting.
Some bring a strong effect of satiety, others have a thermogenic effect, or will boost your energy during training.
Certain proteins such as Casein provide a strong effect of satiety and therefore make it easier to reduce calorie intake. You can also opt for a blend specifically designed for cutting like the Diet Protein Blend .
Caffeine or Green Tea have thermogenic effects that allow the body to burn fat more easily.
Finally, boosters provide energy during training, and can be useful during this period which is very exhausting physically and mentally.

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