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Crystallized Glycine

  • Prevents injuries during training
  • Strengthens tendons, ligaments, and muscles
  • Improves sleep
  • Synergises with Peptan collagen peptide
Prevents injuries during training Find out more
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  • Sleep
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Optimal consumption date: 11/2023
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Dosage: 3 to 6 g per day taken in single dose
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Modest doses of 3 to 6 g per day taken in single dose are recommended.
Generally speaking, doses considered high in medical experiments are 0.8 g of Glycine per kilo of body weight (2). For a person weighing 80 kg, this corresponds to a dose of 64 g.

What is Glycine?

Glycine is a non-essential amino acid ubiquitous in muscles, tendons, ligament, and skin collagen. Intense physical activity will increase your glycine needs, but you may not be able to obtain enough without supplementation.

What are the benefits of Glycine?

Glycine and collagen

In collagen proteins, glycine accounts for one third to one quarter of all amino acids. It is the amino acid most present in this basic material that prevents the risk of injury by strengthening tendons, muscles, ligaments, and the skin.

Impact of glycine on blood sugar, insulin, and diabetes

The oral intake of about 5g of glycine produces a very slight hypoglycaemic effect by stimulating insulin secretion. Combined with glucose, the rise in blood sugar levels is reduced.

Improved sleep quality

By acting as an inhibitory neurotransmitter in the brain, glycine improves the quality of sleep and thus reduces your need to sleep more.

Fat loss

One of the effects of glycine supplementation is fat loss, which will be all the more effective the more sensitive you are to its GH booster effect.

For further details on the benefits of Nutrimuscle glycine, visit the Find out more section.

Proteins contribute to the development and maintenance of muscle mass.

Nutrimuscle Crystallised Glycine

Crystallized Glycine Nutrimuscle is obtained from a mixture of 3 raw materials: Chloroacetic Acid, Amine and Urotropin, purified with water on activated carbon and crystallized.

Nutrimuscle Crystallized glycine does not use any GMO processing substance.

Nutrimuscle crystallized glycine is suitable for vegetarians.


Ingredients of Nutrimuscle's Crystallized Glycine

Powdered crystallised glycine:

  • Crystallised glycine.

Crystallised glycine capsules:

  • Crystallised glycine
  • Vegan capsule (pullulan)

Nutritional values of Nutrimuscle's Crystallized Glycine

6 scoops contain 6 g of crystallised glycine.
6 capsules contain 5.4 g of crystallised glycine.

Nutritional composition of Nutrimuscle's Crystallized Glycine

100 g1 capsule6 g6 capsules
Proteins0 g0 g0 g
0 g
Carbohydrates0 g0 g0 g
0 g
Fat0 g0 g0 g
0 g
Calories406 kcal3,67 kcal24 kcal
22 kcal
1697 kJ
15,33 kJ102 kJ
92 kJ

Usage tips

Who is Nutrimuscle crystallised Glycine for?

Nutrimuscle crystallised Glycine is a supplement that may be of interest to athletes:

  • It prevents the risk of injury by strengthening tendons, ligaments, and muscles
  • It protects the general health of endurance athletes, especially the kidneys

When should I take crystallised Glycine?

Take 6 g (6 scoops or 6 capsules) either after training with your protein or in the evening with your meal.
After taking Glycine orally, the level of this amino acid increases rapidly in the blood, reaching its maximum level after about 40 minutes (1). A 5 g dose multiplies your blood Glycine level by 4. Then it goes back down to its initial level an hour later.

We do not recommend using Nutrimuscle crystallised Glycine before exercise as it can promote sleep and tends to have a hypoglycaemic effect (1).

How do I take Nutrimuscle crystallised Glycine?

Nutrimuscle crystallised Glycine it sweet, making it easy to drink in water. It can also be taken with your protein, of which it will slightly enhance the taste.
You can consume it directly as it is; it will be akin to eating caster sugar.

Contraindications and interactions with other Nutrimuscle products

The use of crystallised Glycine is contraindicated in the following cases:

  • If you are prone to high blood pressure, it is best to avoid high doses of Glycine, although this aspect of Glycine remains a matter of debate (3)
  • Anyone suffering from neural disorders, whether or not they are taking medication

Synergies between supplements:
Crystallised Glycine, organic Yerba Mate, and ZMB Pidolates improve nerve recovery.

Adverse reactions between supplements:
To avoid bloating, do not take Nutrimuscle's crystallised Glycine at the same time as Potassium Bicarbonate.
Avoid taking Nutrimuscle crystallised Glycine, which is a relaxant, with a stimulant such as Natural bio booster or organic Guarana.

Scientific references

  • (1) Gannon MC. The metabolic response to ingested glycine. Am J Clin Nutr December 2002 vol. 76 no. 6 1302-1307
  • (2) Palmer C. The cognitive effects of modulating the glycine site of the NMDA receptor with high-dose glycine in healthy controls. Hum Psychopharmacol. 2008 Mar;23(2):151-9.

Find out more

The history of Glycine: the properties of creatine without taking creatine

In the early 1930s, scientists discovered the protective and beneficial properties of Glycine supplementation for our muscles (7). It took only two years for these researchers to understand that the effects of Glycine were due to the increased production of Creatine (8) by the body (note: the naturally anabolic effects of Creatine on muscles were discovered in the 1910s).
In the 1940s, several studies showed a power take-off and increased muscle mass among men who consumed 6 g of Glycine per day (9 - 10). These favourable effects are closely related to the body's increased production of Creatine.
In the 1970s, new studies confirmed that taking Glycine promotes both creatine synthesis and nitrogen retention (natural anabolism; 11 - 12).
All these discoveries show that the effect of a Creatine supplement can be reproduced by taking Glycine. These beneficial results may be of interest to athletes who do not wish to use creatine supplementation directly. However, it is preferable to combine CREATINE and Glycine for maximum effect.

Purity of raw materials guaranteed

It's rare for consumers to have access to the names of the suppliers of the raw materials that go into the supplements they consume. However, this is essential to ensure product traceability.
At Nutrimuscle, we use only the highest quality Crystallised Glycine, the quality of which is guaranteed by Jizhou City Huayang Chemical Co, Ltd.
What matters most to us is the quality of the raw materials, your health, and the results you achieve using our nutritional supplements.
This quality is essential for amino acids such as Nutrimuscle crystallised Glycine, which is intended for frequent consumption (every day or even several times a day) in large quantities.

Interesting synergies with crystallized glycine

Glycine-Magnesium Synergy

There is a synergy between Glycine and Magnesium with regard to the manufacture and retention of Creatine (12). Indeed, the urinary losses of Creatine are greatly increased in case of Magnesium deficiency (13). In addition, this mineral participates in the synthesis of Creatine by the body. Magnesium will therefore double help Glycine to increase Creatine reserves.

Glycine-PEPTAN synergy
Since Glycine is a non-essential amino acid, the body must capture other amino acids in order to metabolize them (destroy them and use their molecules) to transform them into Glycine. One of these amino acids is hydroxyproline, a rare amino acid that is vital for the health and integrity of tendons (1).

It is the key ingredient in PEPTAN. The latter also provides Glycine, but one does not take PEPTAN to see its hydroxyproline transformed into Glycine. Taking Glycine will reduce the endogenous production (by the body) of Glycine which will save hydroxyproline. Taking Glycine will therefore make PEPTAN more effective, as it is better able to increase cellular levels of hydroxyproline.

The benefits of Glycine in more detail

Glycine is used as a raw material by the body to synthesize glutathione, a powerful antioxidant which explains, at least partially, the protective effects of Glycine (1 - 2 - 3).

Glycine could also exert an anti-inflammatory action and beneficial for the immune system (4 - 5 - 6).

Glycine and collagen
In collagen proteins, Glycine makes up one third to one quarter of all amino acids (24). In athletes, Glycine deficiency has been shown to be associated with a greater risk of injury than normal. (25) In endurance athletes, Glycine supplementation protects the integrity of the athlete's health, especially in the kidneys (26).

Glycine and diabetes
Oral intake of approximately 5g of Glycine produces a very slight hypoglycaemic effect by stimulating insulin secretion. Combined with glucose, the rise in blood sugar level is greatly reduced (24) .These results confirm the effects of Glycine observed in many other studies (28 - 29 - 30 - 31): too high elevations since the level of sugar in the blood is toxic, these hypoglycemic effects of glycine explain the beneficial effects of this amino acid observed in people with diabetes (32).

Glycine and sleep
In the brain, Glycine acts as an inhibitory neurotransmitter in the brain (4 - 19) which has the effect of helping some people to sleep better. However, since the mechanisms of sleep are very complex and vary greatly from one person to another, the response of each to Glycine supplementation will therefore be very variable.

It appears that approximately 40% of people doze off quickly after administration of Glycine (20).

Some series of studies have shown that taking 3g of Glycine before going to bed improves the quality of sleep and therefore decreases the need to sleep (21 - 22)

Glycine and weight loss
Glycine is also associated with fat loss in several studies (1 - 18).

Proteins contribute to the development and maintenance of muscle mass.

Studies on other effects of glycine

Glycine and the natural secretion of growth hormones

In men who do weight training, taking 12g of Glycine orally before training tends to increase the natural secretion of growth hormone (GH) which takes place during exercise (15).
Similarly, the intake of 12g by these same subjects at rest works very well in some athletes, but not at all in others.

This double study therefore shows the very contrasting response of Glycine concerning the secretion of growth hormone: some respond very well, others not at all!
This confirms the very random results obtained in the treatment of mental disorders by supplementation with Glycine. The results are quite positive overall, but the individual benefits vary extremely (16).
These differences are largely explained by the difference in penetration of glycine into the brain. In some, Glycine massively reaches the brain: they will therefore respond strongly to Glycine. In others, glycine fails to enter the brain, so their response will be minimal or nonexistent, even at mega-doses (17).

Glycine and memory
Some research shows beneficial effects of Glycine on the brain especially on memory, but these results are not universally recognized (23).

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