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Towel (black) - Nutrimuscle 🎁

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  • 100% cotton
  • Optimal drying
  • Unique style: double-sided Nutrimuscle logo
  • Ideal size: 50 x 90 cm

    The Nutrimuscle 100% cotton towel, incomparable style and softness! Find out more
      • Black
      • Unique size
      €19,95 €0,00
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      Why choose the Nutrimuscle towel?

      We propose a 100% cotton towel, with a unique style and the Nutrimuscle logo on both sides. Our towel is the ideal companion for those who want to push themselves every day. Bodybuilding, boxing, swimming, rock climbing, running ... Our towel is suitable for all sports!

      The Nutrimuscle towel contributes to better performance and style. Its dimensions: 50 x90 cm have been specially designed for weight benches.

      What are the benefits of the Nutrimuscle towel?

      • Comforting softness 
      • Unique style with the Nutrimuscle logo 
      • Optimal drying


      100% cotton

      Usage tips

      Who is the Nutrimuscle towel for?

      For all sportsmen and women to dry off after :

      • weight training
      • swimming training
      • running training
      • MMA training...
      • a shower.


      Take the towel with one or two of your hands, apply against your skin (preferably wet). Designed for daily use.

      Interactions with other Nutrimuscle products


      The Nutrimuscle Towel works in synergy with the Nutrimuscle T-Shirt to improve your training style.

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      Guaranteed purity of raw materials

      At Nutrimuscle, we only use pure quality raw materials. Our towel is guaranteed 100% cotton.


      Suppliers and
      studies available
      Designed in France
      & made in Belgium
      0% additives
      0% bulking agents
      100% pure ingredients
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