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Nutrimuscle was born in 1993 and goes down in history as the first French brand of supplements for bodybuilding, becoming over the years the reference brand of food supplements for athletes.

When it was created, Nutrimuscle acquired an ambitious mission: to make accessible sports nutrition respecting the highest quality criteria. This is how Nutrimuscle has established itself as the pioneering French brand in sports nutrition.

Take care of athletes health

Since its inception, Nutrimuscle has wanted to help everyone practice their sport for as long as possible and in good health. The brand's priority is to offer products with only benefits, both in terms of performance and health.

This is how the brand, quickly recognized for its seriousness, is recommended by sports coaches. In a few years, Nutrimuscle then became the benchmark sports nutrition brand for both professional and amateur athletes.

Respected and best known in the world of bodybuilding in its early days, Nutrimuscle now unites all athletes around its vision of sports nutrition.

Revolutionize sports nutrition

Since its inception, Nutrimuscle has been committed to respecting exemplary specifications with the motto "do not sell what we do not want to consume" for sustainable sports practice with traceable, quality and health-friendly food supplements.

Nutrimuscle's strong commitments:

1) Offer only pure and fresh raw materials;

2) Guarantee the traceability of products by communicating in complete transparency on their origin, their composition and the stages and manufacturing processes.

It is by cultivating this demand for quality, transparency, purity and freshness that Nutrimuscle has been able to sustainably transform the market for sports food supplements.

Nutrimuscle's flagship innovations:
• 2009: launch of the 1st native whey in Europe

• 2013: launch of the 1st micellar casein in Europe

• 2020: launch of the 1st native whey certified organic and the 1st native whey with ceramic microfiltration in Europe

Support athletes

Today, Nutrimuscle is aimed at all athletes and supports top athletes in many disciplines (bodybuilding, crossfit, powerlifting, cycling, combat sports, climbing, pole vaulting, double dutch, football …)

Among the athletes who trust us, there are world champions as well as new talents:

🏆 Lya Bavoil is World, French and European champion in athletic strength.

🏆 Bassa et Mickaël Mawem, climbing athletes have been 7 times French champion and 1 time world champion. They have been selected for the 2021 Tokyo Olympics.

🏆 Valentin Lavillenie is vice-champion of Europe in the pole vault and won first place at the French indoor championships.

🏆 Alexandre Dumoulin currently holds the position of center within the rugby club of the Paloise Section. He won the title of Champion of France with Racing in 2016.

🏆 Lou Dolez is a high-level cyclist. At only 18 years old, she was (in the junior category) overall winner of the Cofidis du Nord⁠ Cup, overall winner of the Winter Cup at the national velodrome and vice-champion of the individual road time trial.

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