Nutrimuscle Quality

Nutrimuscle very early on had the ambition to provide athletes with quality food supplements to enable them to improve in their bodybuilding practice. We have succeeded in making this ambition a reality thanks to long years of learning and practice.

We have acquired our expertise in sports nutrition and our mastery of the production of food supplements thanks to:

Our continuing education in engineering techniques.

Our knowledge of all the latest scientific studies on the subject of supplementation.

Our constant work in the field of research and product development.

Today, we are proud to be able to offer athletes the best supplements at the best price and to share our knowledge with them at every stage of their journey.

What we implement: Nutrimuscle quality in 3 steps

A Nutrimuscle quality product is the result of numerous validations, from the choice of the raw material to its sale on our website.

1/ The careful choice of raw materials and suppliers

In almost 30 years of existence, Nutrimuscle has developed extremely solid scientific knowledge, which allows us to be 100% involved in our choice of suppliers and raw materials.

We have built our unique expertise in “sourcing” suppliers thanks to our continuing training on all subjects useful for the development of bodybuilding supplements. Indeed, we constantly keep up to date with the latest scientific studies on sports nutrition and new advances in manufacturing methods.

What matters most to us is the quality of the raw materials, your health and the results you will obtain by using our nutritional supplements. Our customers find this quality in every gram of our powder present in a Nutrimuscle jar.

For our capsules, we apply the same rigor as for our powders. Nutrimuscle only uses transparent capsules of pharmaceutical quality and without dyes. Whether bovine or vegetarian, our capsules do not contain any irradiated substances and do not contain any preservatives.

2/ An uncompromising verification protocol

The verification protocol established to guarantee Nutrimuscle quality is divided into 4 key steps. Carrying out all these steps is systematic and necessary in order to validate the sale of a Nutrimuscle supplement.

  • production processes:

In order to offer food supplements with the best possible effectiveness while respecting the health of the Consumer, we carry out an initial validation of the manufacturing technique used to produce the raw material.

For example, our native whey directly derived from dairy proteins was marketed as soon as we had the guarantee of the quality of the manufacturing process, including:

- proper compliance with specific hygiene rules for food of animal origin;
- the absence of chemical or genetic manipulation;
- the use of an extraction technique which does not denature the protein.

  • producer analyses:

Nutrimuscle requires a detailed analysis of production from all its suppliers. For the latter to be validated, we check the results of numerous tests controlling the physical, chemical and microbiological characteristics of the powder.

  • Nutrimuscle counter-analyses:

To guarantee the best possible quality for the Consumer, we have a counter-analysis carried out by an external company. Thanks to this double verification, we ensure that the raw materials meet all our requirements.

  • Nutrimuscle additional analyses:

Finally, in order to only offer supplements that guarantee the health of the Consumer, we carry out additional tests to verify that there has been no contamination of any kind.

3/ Validation of the product by the Consumer

We are above all Consumers and sports practitioners. It is essential that each supplement we offer receives the blessing of its users! This is why we have set up consumer tests which take place systematically before a potential launch.

In this way, we have feedback regarding the benefits provided by the supplements tested by users. Thanks to their valuable opinions, we can improve the characteristics of each product we offer: its taste, its texture, its dosage, its digestibility, etc.)

What makes us unique: total control over our production

At Nutrimuscle, we are proud to have total control of our production processes, we have expertly built them over the years and we apply them ourselves in our own factory.

We have organized our factory around our production processes to guarantee the quality of our products, maintain costs for consistent prices and ensure the freshness of our batches. For example, we control the storage temperature of our omega 3 in our cold room.

Many producers operate within an industrial logic and when their stocks accumulate, they have no other choice than to sell off the excess production, even if it means hiding the loss of freshness of the merchandise.

As for us, at Nutrimuscle, we place ourselves in a Consumer-first logic. We therefore produce our supplements just in time in response only to demand.

We are completely in control of our distribution. This way, we can guarantee 100% the freshness of our supplements.

In addition to controlling our logistics, we carry out “artisanal” production in our factory, far removed from the industrial processes of manufacturers serving other protein sellers.

At Nutrimuscle, we powder our oat flakes in our own mills to obtain the perfect consistency. We also manually put them into capsules to guarantee the effectiveness of our supplements and the health of our customers. And all our labels are glued by hand to our pots.

What drives us: serving the Consumer

Nutrimuscle also lives through a whole community of enthusiasts looking for the best products to practice their passion for sport over the long term. Nutrimuscle is more than an online sales site: with our articles, our forum, our podcasts and our “live”, it is also a renowned advice platform on which connoisseurs come to find out and discuss their passions.

Our job is not only to produce and sell our supplements, it is also to transmit our knowledge about sports nutrition and share our passion for sport. On the phone, on social networks or by email, we advise our clients and we support them in all stages of their supplementation.

Our desire is and will always be to satisfy our customers: the samples that we offer after an order are carefully designed to work in synergy with the supplements previously chosen. And whatever your questions may be before placing an order or after receiving it, our teams will be happy to answer them.